Avril Lavigne shows off her boobs

August 3rd, 2007 // 90 Comments

It’s too bad she’s so annoying, because from certain angles Avril Lavigne might actually be considered hot. She was spotted with a friend running around Los Angeles showing off her pink bikini underneath her top. And maybe I was always too busy envisioning how I’d karate kick her in the throat, but where the hell did those boobs come from? They almost make her bearable. I did a scientific study and discovered that the number one key to being less annoying is to have big boobs. And you can’t argue with science. I used test tubes and everything.


  1. I love a perky little pair of tits. They sit up and look at you after the shirt and bra come off.

  2. Backyard

    Too bad she has the skin of a moley-skinned corpse. And orangish nipples. True.

  3. deano

    Her boobs are as small and uninteresting as ever.

  4. curlyfrie

    i actually like her songs and everyone has there own personality anyway!!

  5. why do you make me do this?

    Oh #21 it’s so cute that you have learning how to do all the big girl things that women do. Shit I bet in the next couple of years your parents will let you go to the store by yourself. Soon after that you will be writing on your my space page about your first training bra.

    I know, I know you’re so hardcore that you sneak out to the store without permission. I bet your bratz doll even has a Mohawk.

    Don’t worry all those harsh words almost made you seem punk. Just like Avril almost makes music. I am lying you just sound stupid but at least you and Avril have that in common.

    Picking on the meek isn’t nice so let me do this to balance my karma. If you like punk check out “The Distillers”. Or you can keep listening to a homogenized Disney after school special shit you presently sing with your friends after your done talking about boys.

  6. Who Cares?

    Ohhh she’s so punk rock..
    I wish she fall off the face of the earth, she’s dumb as a stump and is fake as all the other twats out there..

  7. #79
    I don’t think you can titty fuck her. She oddly has no cleavage.

  8. Lux

    # 89

    You tell her. Well said.

  9. polypam

    Fake tits is SOOOO punk rock!

  10. wighthouse29

    I always said she was fuckalicious!!!! 5’2″ and 95 pounds. And luscious little T&A. YUM!!!

  11. DarkOneX

    I think she looks hot, I’d slam it any day of the week, twice even.

  12. whatever

    #91 – they’ll squeeze together.

  13. kjds

    Ew. Anyways, I’m pretty sure she once said something about how she doesn’t have to show off cleavage or something. So much for that…

  14. Her breasts don’t look THAT big, although I have to admit that she does look nice.
    As for her personality, I do find her a bit annoying and bratty at times…


  15. Cynthia

    HEY AVRIL!! How does Paris’ sloppy seconds taste? By fucking your husband, you’re fucking every other guy on the planet.

  16. meh

    nope, still an ugly snaggle toothed phony, and i’ve seen more impressive boobs on a gorilla.

  17. Fake boobs, eh?

    She most likely had something done with her boobs. Didn’t she pose partially topless for some magazine just a few months ago? They don’t even look all that big now, but back then they looked much flatter. I’m guessing she might have used the same technique Paris Hilton did.

  18. frenchie

    Never mind the boobs. What about her butch lover? Is that Parker Posey?

  19. mdiz

    “Hey, hey, you, you, I like your tittays…” Wait thats not how the song goes…

  20. curlyfrie

    i think shes completely fine and why is everyone saying her personality is bratty!!please answer!

  21. A nice moderate breast augmentation. Looks good.

  22. mrs.t

    Awwww….who needs some attention?

  23. ???I’m not Canadian and I love her azz???
    The bitch can zing..not like thoze
    country bunkin azzholez
    zhe haz the perfect

  24. AL

    She’s a dick AND a plagarist! Write your own songs, honey, and you’re nowhere near punk rock!

  25. gman

    Nice look. I would defnintely give her a mouthful of my muck..

  26. jenn

    Man, who fired the good writers on this site? It used to be not only funny, but make me laugh out loud. Now its just lame grasping-at-straws trying to be witty bullshit.

  27. CursedClem

    She’s about 1’9″!
    Look at here against the cars, she’s about as tall as the door handle! That’s really hot if you’re into elfs.

  28. Andrea

    If I see her I will probably kill her, she’s not a punk-rock girl anymore… she never been a punk-rock girl.

  29. TetterkeT


  30. blahhh

    she’s not tall, (only around 5 feet or so), and they’re not big boobs. Petite ppl dont have much. That looks like some kinda B cup or something. What B-cupper has cleavage in a bikini thats not all tight and squished together? & thats not her girlfriend [shes married to Deryck Whibley you dumbasses], not her body guard. when has anyone ever seen avril with a body guard? Also, how’s she a brat? Does ‘Girlfriend’ make u think shes a brat? GO CHECK OUT CASCADA AND HILARY DUFF. Why is everyone so pissed off at her because she actually looks regular in a bikini, and not like Pam Anderson?

  31. diddleysquat

    This “famous for no reason” shit has got to stop. It’s a sad commentary on how this country’s standard for what is worthy of attention has gone into the toilet.

  32. Ice

    She’s damn ugly… pink hair? cmon…

  33. meh

    lmao@# 104. you stupid ass.

  34. Tamara

    I wonder if she’s pregnant. That would explain the bigger boobs. And I noticed the top box of her Starbucks cup is marked decaf. I don’t picture her as a decaf drinker unless she’s with child.

  35. El Ces

    Girls with very fair complexions should not wear gold. Especially blondes.

  36. herbiefrog

    so… you donna lika ma girfrind ?

    so whadya ganna doo abaout it thin ?

    [oh... youre gonna show your breasts]

    [funckin… A : )


  37. MamaMayhem

    This is stupid.
    Who cares if she’s a poser, or whatever.
    She is who she is.
    The reason she’s a bitch is because she’s fake. She has been recorded saying her fans are all stupid posers. Her lyrics are blunt and have no meaning.
    I don’t care about the label. She’s a poser, she’s not punk, whatever.
    It’s the person that matters.
    This one just happens to suck.

  38. HELP

    Did someone mention this…she looks like she’s either about to cry or puke in the top picture.


  39. herbiefrog

    > This one just happens to suck.

    oh we ‘d forgotten

    …in that case…
    …she’s ok with us : )
    later babe

  40. Yourfairytale

    I am SO TIRED of these Aryan bitches wearing guns! You aren’t Italian or Mafia! Stop it!

  41. i'm that girlfriend bitch

    what a mess. why is she famous again? oh yeah, she thinks it’s cute to spit and kick at people.

  42. woodhorse

    #48-49. You’re lucky Edna Bambrick can’t speak Spanish.

  43. Rebel Yell

    Looks like a push-up bra to me. Kinda revealing, but if that’s the image she wants to portray then fine, none of my business. And to the Avril-fan who said that “she doesn’t need machines to make her voice sound good” you must be seriously deluded if you think thar her voice hasn’t been altered on the albums – a lot! Also, if you think that any of those pop-products out there are “so real”, I equally feel sorry for you. I hope you find real music and real artists soon, it helps if you stop watching MTV first.

  44. bing

    YaY!m Britney got a new pet?

  45. Jillian

    Those are by no means “huge” tits. This is what’s sad about this photo: the girl next to her is probably a size 4, but she looks like she’s about a 14 next to Avril, who is probably wearing children’s size 0 jeans. And they’re STILL loose on her. This is why all of us size 6′s starve ourselves. I spit at you, Avril.

  46. Tessa

    She’s a pain in the ass.

  47. Kate

    Always thought she was a hottie, and this just makes me happier. And cheers to skinny people. And while those tits may not be HUGE (compared to like freaky porn, which is what most weirdos are comparing her to) they are awesome…and besides…boobs over a C cup awk me out and have overly large nipples. Hers are wonderfully perky and round :)

  48. neil

    Wow, you guys should be glad to have Avril to vent your spleens over. What a bunch of pansies here, talking about smacking her face, saying fuck this and fuck that, etc. Let’s see, I’m over a keyboard looking at a screen typing, TYPING.
    Wow, y’all so gangsta!

  49. Meh

    This chick just annoys me for some reason. Her brand of rebellion seems to be manufactured by studios with wardrobe provided by Hot Topic. Sorry, you’re not hardcore if you by your oversized frayed jeans from a chain store at the mall.

  50. Tha-Flash

    Meh, that chick annoys you? Man your face annoys me.
    You also used the word BY incorrectly, man I hate you.

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