Avril Lavigne is award-winning filler

November 2nd, 2007 // 86 Comments

Avril Lavigne attended the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 last night in Germany. Apparently Europeans really dig her because she knocked out Justin Timberlake in the top two categories. Not only did her song “Girlfriend” win Most Addictive Track, but Avril walked away with the coveted award for Solo Artist of 2007. It’s been a while since she’s been on the site, so I thought, why not? She looks cute as a button. It’s almost like I could pick her up, put her in my pocket and take her home. Sure, she’s been hanging out with Britney Spears, but it’s cool. I’ll just dip little Avril in a thimble full of bleach. Safety first!

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  1. Yupsure

    “I’d buy her a boob job, lock her in a box, and feed her nothing but my hog. Now put the fuckin’ lotion in the basket!”

    Possibly the best quote EVER!!

  2. Mark

    oh men!! she sure is drop dead gorgeous in that dress!! I don;t care much about the issue w/ her hanging out with britney, i love her and whatever she does i still will!! ^^

  3. RENEE Z....

    Is there anyone who doesn’t hate this bitch? I actually like some of her songs and think they’re catchy (hate to admit it) but she does seem like such a C U next tuesday (sorry, can’t bring myself to say that word that is only reserved for the worst of the worst females). And whats the deal w/ hanging out w/ Britney all of a sudden? She always bashed the shit out of her, thinking she was better than her. What up?

  4. Mark

    oh men!! she sure is drop dead gorgeous in that dress!! I don;t care much about the issue w/ her hanging out with britney, i love her and whatever she does i still will!! ^^

  5. gotmilk?

    43, so you’re saying she looks cute here? did you enlarge picture #2. might want to do that.

    urinal cakes, that was awesome.

    53, avril is probably trying to get back into the press. people have forgotten about her, or at least i wish they could. this rat face bitch needs to drop dead.

  6. uh no

    maybe if you are a closeted 14 year old boy who aspires to be like Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy.
    shes plain at best.
    her face isn’t pretty, she’s skinny and short, dresses like a weirdo, and has a snaggle tooth.
    29- i get what you mean.

  7. B Locs

    Heidi Montog after coke, mary kate and ashley before

  8. April Lavigne is immature and over rated

    Chek out pic 2… what the Hell is that on her arm???
    She needs to get back in school and at least get some manners. She always acts like a snotty hateful despising little bitch.
    She looks ok, she sings ok, but man does she suck at being a human being…

  9. lalaland

    um…when the hell did she hang out with britney? will someone PLEASE tell me that one…

  10. lalaland

    she’s actually really cute, i cant stand most of her gay tenny bop sounding music, but she’s still cute.

  11. lalaland

    #60…TEENY bop…my bad

  12. joeypants

    I would wreck that.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    Don’t like her, she’s a pop punker. The worst kind of poseur. She does play hockey though which is kinda cool.

  14. Ript1&0

    My god…. I still can’t believe you said Avril was cute. It’s been hours and I just can’t get over it. I don’t know if I can move on to the next post, so much of my energy has been depleted.

    I think you should take it back man, then we’d all feel a lot better.

  15. No.

    She’s sold out. Plus, in interviews, she sems to be unbelieveably stupid. Please, please, PLEASE take her back Canada.

  16. ihateyouavril

    Poser jackass. God, I hate her so much. Canada doesn’t want her and has started telling everyone that she is really American, but wanted to be “cool”

  17. No.

    Yes actually, sending her back to Canada wouldn’t be nice to all you Canadians. You deserve better.

    @40, Sum 41

  18. i guess she appeals to kids with no taste

    she looks like a child, dresses like a freak
    nothing to look at

  19. ktsocha

    Why did you take off Amy Winehouse? I looooove that! Pleae post again!

  20. hotbitch

    Is it just me, or is she starting to look like Chrissy Crocker!?

  21. Dawn

    ummm what? Hanging out with Britney Spears?
    I really hope you forgot to add “cousin” after it because she has been seen about with Britney’s cousin Alli or something quite a few times (which is weird enough…. ) but certainly not Britney.
    I’m sure if she did hang out with Britney you would have needed to post about it, and if she has, it just proves how truely desperate she is, hoping to use Britney to get some of her fame.

  22. lori

    Yeah, she looks cute as a button……. in an undead sort of way. Are you getting paid to say these things?

  23. Nikki

    maybe the Fish was being patronising.

    I agree that she’s cute. But only if cute means trying too hard to be edgy even though you sing pop, have bleach blonde hair and are rich and famous yet think you are some hard, street punk kid with actual problems.

  24. Spindle

    this woman/girl disgusts me. does she think she is “alternative”? you just know her mum still packs her a lunch in the morning. i hate people who think they’re so hard core rock n roll/punk and then they spend about ten hours painting on their face and straightening their hair – being a rocker is about not caring. i bet she doesn’t even do drugs. sigh. she should try harder, i would happily slam a whole lot of heroin into her veins. if i could find a vein that is. plus she has no sense of humour. or personality. or song writing skills. or really anything. somebody slap that bitch.

  25. Kowalski


    “sorry, can’t bring myself to say that word that is only reserved for the worst of the worst females.”

    Fine. I’ll say it for you. Avril is a CUNT. You may thank me in hugs and kisses.

  26. #74

    She has said many times that she is against drugs and supposedly made her husband give them up when they started dating… LOL

  27. michelle

    she looks cute but she needs to get some wax in there for those eyebrows because it is going to be a uni in a few months…. or it could be the lighting on the picture.

  28. ew

    uhh 77?
    she needs to dress her age, she needs to get out in the sun a little, she needs braces, she needs some meat on her bones.. and still she is obnoxious and plain looking. people a million times hotter, sexier, and better looking than this goth kid are called ugly on this website. it makes me ill that anyone would call this thing cute.

  29. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    Is it me or does she look like really ugly, kinda like an Aardman claymation character.

  30. acidbrat

    Avril cried like a bay-bay when she got “Punk’d.”
    Good times.

  31. ^.^

    avril lavigne is gorgeous yet funky! *hugggssssss*

  32. Shes absulutly Beatifull my dick geting hard when i see her :)

  33. selina

    avril is lovely and cute, she was invited to a celebrities & millionaire dating site called sugarcupid.com, according to the site owner.

  34. peepster

    she is the WORST fucking fake-ass poser, no talent, brainless kiddy-shit-pop “artist’ LOL. SHe’s so arrogant and tries to act like she’s fucking sid vicious, where he’d have wiped his shit-crusted ass with her. her husband is a lameass wannabee “punk” too who looks like his nose was mashed in a fight – probably over a fucking argyle sweate at Banana Republic. They both make me retch – hope they don’t breed –

  35. michael

    u know what short people have every reason to live u dumb bastard i am 6’5 u can’t hate someone just becuse they r short what if u was only 2 feet tall u immature imbreded bastard. ok take my adivice grow up and get a life, u can’t judge a book by it’s color and just becuse someone dresses or looks different doesn’t mean they dont deserve to live if they didn’t do u think god what would have made them no i don’t think so. it is not ur choice of who lives and who doesn’t , u leave that alone with god. so like i said grow up u little sissy boy.

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