Avril Lavigne is award-winning filler

November 2nd, 2007 // 86 Comments

Avril Lavigne attended the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 last night in Germany. Apparently Europeans really dig her because she knocked out Justin Timberlake in the top two categories. Not only did her song “Girlfriend” win Most Addictive Track, but Avril walked away with the coveted award for Solo Artist of 2007. It’s been a while since she’s been on the site, so I thought, why not? She looks cute as a button. It’s almost like I could pick her up, put her in my pocket and take her home. Sure, she’s been hanging out with Britney Spears, but it’s cool. I’ll just dip little Avril in a thimble full of bleach. Safety first!

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  1. asdfqx

    so what’s the big deal? show some more kim

  2. 1MILF Hunter

    She needs some sun. Either that or she’s an albino. Still much better than the unrelenting Brittney postings.

  3. blizzy

    is that a wedding ring i see? thats one big cubic zirconia.

    she’d be hotter with a few extra pounds on her.

  4. Feckless

    After you dip her in bleach, you might want to glue her lips together so you can’t see her Bride of Chucy teeth.

  5. Texas Tranny

    Her dress is fucking ugly all bunched up like that.
    I do like the fishnets (only if they’re stockings)

  6. MrSemprini

    All these lovely celebrities wearing fishnet hose and I can’t even get my wife to wear underwear… woe to me…

  7. Christinw

    I hate this ugly bitch.

  8. BaconSaviour

    Where are the rest of her legs? Does she have some kind of condition? Was she born without thighs? You know , short people got no reason to live.

  9. Geh!!! She’s been hanging out with Britney??

  10. ALatrine

    dipping her in bleach is a good idea. add urinal cake earrings and she just might be useful too.

  11. Quagmire

    i would love to see her on www dot brutaldildos dot com.

    giggiddy giggiddy giggiddy giggiddy gooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  12. Spanktronic

    The MTV europe awards was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Moments of pure unscripted brilliance. By the end of the show Snoop and Dave Grohl were basically insluting everyone in sight and no one seemed to get it. If you like laughing at europeans and lots of shit music you have to see this show.

  13. I think she could use a little less makeup

  14. scooby

    she sure holds that microphone well in the first picture.

  15. Don’t you just love that plaid dress. When was the last time you saw plaid.
    Really retro and cute

  16. Texas Tranny

    Her eye make up looks like a $2.00 hooker down at the gloryhole.

  17. D. Richards

    I am praying that Avril’s jet crashes in to the Atlantic on her way back to The States.

  18. taylor

    Methinks you are racists.. too white? Oh and what about being to black? Whatever, bunch of idiots.

  19. Superevil

    I wouldn’t mind shooting a load of spunk on her face even though I can’t stand her

  20. Guy

    She is promoting the emo style which is against tan, hence the paleness.

    Trust me, its hard being that pale, you have to wear sun block everyday.

  21. Batty 'bout Avy

    Must admit she cleans up pretty well, nice smile pretty eyes, etc. Hey, I gots an idea, she could do ads for IHOP-she could speak their latest tag-line-come hungry, leave happy-get it? lol

  22. Mr Big

    Just noticed, what’s up with the lil skull necklaces she’s sportin’?

  23. Kim

    Hey #20 Guy.

    Being pale comes naturally to some people, like me. I’m French and Irish, there aren’t any paler nationalities on earth. Not everyone in America is dark skined Mexican (yet, unfortunately) And she won’t be a bag of wrinkles at 30 from living in a tanning boot either. Not all pale people are EMO!

    We need more pale people, I’m sick of looking at orange Paris, Jessica and Lindsay!

  24. geek

    she looks like she wasn’t popular in school and didn’t have friends

  25. geek

    she looks like she wasn’t popular in school and didn’t have friends

  26. geek

    but she prob didn’t go to school

  27. gertie

    lets all pray together ……….

  28. gertie

    lets all pray together ……….

  29. geek

    that pale short girl in the drama club, her parents were too poor to buy her braces. she tried to be different by putting streaks in her hair…
    she wasn’t smart enough or deep enough, didn’t have cool enough taste in music to be one of the indie kids… shops at hot topic.

  30. nipolian

    You would think that whoever did her make-up would have popped that big ol zit between her eyes prior to slapping all that goop on her face. (pic 2)

  31. Ript1&0


    Yes I am yelling.

  32. EmoEater

    I’d buy her a boob job, lock her in a box, and feed her nothing but my hog. Now put the fuckin’ lotion in the basket!

  33. never could be hot

    all this makeup and she still doesn’t look like a slutty hot hooker, she looks like a dork. and she looks like chris crocker…

  34. dutchick

    yes the EMA’s sucked..cuz it took place in germany. it wasnt even really advertised outside of germany til last week so the only people who voted are german. the fact that avril lavigne won any award (or was even a nominee for any award) reflects only on how disgustingly bad german taste in music is – not europeans.

  35. Kim

    Hey Geek. #24,25,26,29……

    We’re not interested in your life story!

  36. nipolian

    The Germans are the ones that really love David (the drunk old guy rolling around on the floor with a hamburger in his hand) Hasselhoff’s music….right? That right there speaks volumes about their taste in music.

  37. geek2

    kim, do you think avril is cool?

  38. geek2

    kim, do you think avril is cool?

  39. Kim

    Geek, not really, and not really (seeing as you post almost everything twice)

  40. What happened to her husband? He used to be in a band.

    Race Car 41 or something like that.

  41. A

    she is too pale, you can use sunless tanner to make your skin look better. she looks like an ugly ghost

  42. Kim

    #41, Sunless tanner, even the expensive brands turn most people an unnatural color. I’d rather be blinded by paleness then have people look like Oompa-Loompas.

  43. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Being cute one night a year cannot make up for the fact that she’s a back-stabbing, tash-talking, fan-spitting-on bitch. What a twat-salad.

  44. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Sorry that was ‘trash-talking.’

    And she has more moles than an international spy agency.

  45. Spanktronic

    Last night Dave Grohl made a joke then said he wasn’t “blaming” the German audience. No one luaghed of course, since we all know how Germans feel about accepting blame. Definetly a highlight of the show.

  46. deddog

    her being a ghostly white is not the problem… the problem is her vapid personality. i’m sure you guys have all heard her talk and her views on the world. this has to be one of the stupidest people i’ve ever heard interviewed… she makes britney look like stephen hawking. dumb bitch, go to Hell if you support this idiot.

  47. ddd

    “The Germans are the ones that really love David (the drunk old guy rolling around on the floor with a hamburger in his hand) Hasselhoff’s music….right?”

    And John Tesh!!!!

  48. my comment

    Quite a dork. She can never be cool as Blondie or Patti Smith or any real rocker.

  49. havoc

    Why are you showing this when there are photos of Kim’s cootch to be seen?

    I mean really…..


  50. AVRIL, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE eliminate those pink hairs!!!! You are a mature woman and show that too. This is really the looks of fifteen year old highschool girl. AND YOU ARE NOT ANYMORE!!

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