Avril Lavigne is an amazing human being

September 7th, 2007 // 214 Comments

If you can read Avril Lavigne’s latest interview with Q Magazine without wanting to head butt your monitor then you’re a stronger person than I am. Because I read this thing and all I wanted to do was start head butting monitors.

On dealing with her incredible success
“Selling 24 million albums hasn’t really affected me, but it has changed things. I can’t walk into a room full of people any more without everybody turning their heads, and I can only eat in certain restaurants where I know I won’t get hassled. But that’s OK. I was born to do this, and so I’ve learned how to cope.”

On her competition
“Someone like Kelly Clarkson is beautiful and has a pretty voice, but with me you get a much stronger image. I’m tough, I have a look that girls want to copy, and I sound a particular way. It’s good if you’re not easily ignored. And I’m not.”

On her generosity
“I am a very giving person. When the hurricane thing happened, I went to my closet, filled six boxes of stuff and said to my assistant, ‘Take it to Katrina!’ I also like to give stuff to people who are my ‘workers,’ especially if they don’t make much money.”

On her polarizing personality
“People love me and people hate me, but I’m comfortable in my own skin and that’s what counts. And anyway if you do hate me, you’re the loser, not me.”

Wow, what an amazing person. When that “hurricane thing” happened Avril filled boxes with crap and told her assistant to “take it to Katrina.” The name of a hurricane. And she also likes to give stuff to her employees who don’t make much money. I hear they were going to give her a humanitarian award but she was disqualified because they said it wasn’t fair to the other nominees. Sometimes I get her confused with that Jesus character from the Bible because they’re so similar.


  1. Emily

    “sound a particular way”

    yeah, you sound like shit

    watch the teen choice awards on youtube..she performs live

    brings a whole new meaning to man voice
    fuckin idiot!

  2. @46 Hey troll you are back. where have you been? Hope you had a good time with my mom

  3. I slept with the bartender last night.

  4. Emily

    “sound a particular way”

    yeah, you sound like shit

    watch the teen choice awards on youtube..she performs live

    brings a whole new meaning to man voice
    fuckin idiot!

  5. FRIST – I did not get any e-mail from you!!!!!

  6. Val

    Old News. What d’ya expect from a poser? She was covering country tunes in a coffee house before she changed her “look” in order to sell albums. I don’t hate her only because she actually plays an instrument, but anything else, well, eh!

  7. LadyJane

    I menstruated on her head last week.

  8. @57 LadyJane – It looks like you were just spoting. You only got half of her head.

  9. Avril may be "special"

    I’m sorry, but that’s some funny shit right there, oh god…whew!!

  10. BunnyButt

    You know, she’s so hardcore and edgy that, if the Sex Pistols decided to reunite, she could fill in for Sid Vicious!

    (Please note I’m being completely sarcastic. This chick is as edgy as a poodle.)

  11. Shallow Val

    That girl needs to get with some gratitude, and right quick! Amy Winehouse has more talent and class in her goddamned bouffant hairdo and she’s a mess.

  12. FRIST…..I didn’t get an email :-(

    Hey BunnyButt………you can now see my pic on myspace page.

  13. amaia

    #57 lol
    her hair looks like shit there…

    pff, i’ve always hated this bitch, now… i do it moar!!

  14. steve-o


    That’s the porn version of High School Musical that Vanessa Hudgens will be making now.

    PS I hate April Lasagna, and her slutty sister, Avril Lavigne.

  15. Avril Sucks

    After reading this, I didn’t want to head-butt my monitor. I wanted to head-butt that cunt.

  16. Annie Rexia

    Did anyone ever see her husband? Fugliest fucking troll on the face of the planet. Only a cold cunt like Avril would get stuck with that little used tampon as a mate.

  17. Someone has mail.

  18. p911gt10c

    #33, you may be onto something there.

  19. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Wow, the saying “you never know how stupid someone is until they open their mouth” really applies here. What a dumb narcissistic bitch. I disliked her before, now I can’t stand her.

  20. Surlygirl

    Wow, 6 boxes of petticoats and skull-and-crossbones tshirts? What a windfall for a hurricane victim! I hope that Katrina girl is a size 4 too!

  21. the hot ones are always the dumb ones

  22. 6 boxes of petticoats……….yummy I love swoosh, swoosh of a pretty petticoat

  23. vixen

    She had to try to sound like she’s humanitarian when she clearly sounds fake. SHe likes to flatter herself, no?

  24. FRIST
    I didn’t get an email.

  25. ph7

    Count me in the “Hate You” side, you self-absorded bitch.

    P.S. Can you send me an autographed copy of your latest cd? Thx!

  26. she’s f-ing delusional! how can she be even more obnoxious than when she just came out?

  27. igroovin

    jodie foster as a vampress?

  28. LouLou

    What? You mean she still has a career? I always thought of her as a one-hit-wonder. And from the sound and look of her, her head really has gotten swollen under that hairdo! Excuse, me, someone please let her know she’s a has been!

  29. #72
    TT, honey…

    Keep in mind she wore the Cyndi Lauper reject petticoats. There is NOTHING pretty about them!

    (btw dollface, I am swamped at work. I will myspace you when I get home from vacation. *kisses*)

  30. Sheva

    Hard to believe someone so self-absorbed could be allowed to talk like this in public. Someone should fix her ass, fucking smurf.

  31. Murph,
    I wouldn’t want THOSE petticoats.

  32. lonelilylana

    What a pointless human being.

  33. Lola

    Wow she sold 24 million albums and all that cheap bitch could give was 6 boxes of used shit from her closet?

  34. Texas Tranny

    I could dig on some of her used panties.

  35. shadty

    she is soo fake it hurts

  36. BunnyButt

    TT, I’d like to see you in a more vibrant color. You seem like more of a hot pink girl than a pastel pink girl. You’ve got too distinct a personality to settle for pastels.

  37. HoboChic

    Let them eat cake. Alternatively, paying taxes is for the little people. Basically, what I’m saying is that this brat is going to end up guillotined or in jail for tax evasion and then leaving her fortune to her dog because that’s the only one of her “workers” left that will talk to her. I’m guessing jail and the dog though, since Marie A. didn’t really say that cake thing, and AL obviously said this crap.

  38. I didn’t get all the hate on this girl (mainly cos I never read any of her interviews). I get it now.
    For Brangelina haters

  39. Chris

    more like she was so generous she decided to disqualify herself.

  40. Thanks BunnyButt,
    I do have hot pink, reds, and purples.

  41. lambman

    well isn’t being canadian the same as being retarded? what do you expect?

  42. pissy skank

    She looks like a demon pig. I hate this stuck-up skank & her shit music.

  43. Sabalon

    I wonder how proud she’d be if she knew my 5 and 8 year old daughters thought she was cool…after all, being cool in the eyes of a kindergardener…what could be better. I think that was why the Beatles broke up – to get some 5yo cred. I just have trouble thinking of her as a bad-ass after seeing and hearing “Girlfriend”. Yeah…that just screams punk.

    As for the hurricane thing – if people that work for you don’t make much money, which do you think they’d rather have – more money or some old gym socks??? Hmmm….

    Regardless, here is one girl who I hope has a Vanessa Hudgens moment sometime – she is pretty nice to look at!

  44. sheishotbecausesheisdumb

    Sure I would stick it to her from both sides, but I certainly wouldn’t let her sleep-in the next morning

  45. Edan

    I want to staple things to her face.
    Like grenades. ZING!

  46. Mike

    I didn’t know they had outfits like that at Midgets R’Us

  47. Wills

    This tiny little bitch is something else. Doesn’t she realize what she is? She’s a F#@$%& hick from Canada fronting like she’s something. New money is so gross. She thinks she’s a model, well, news for you Miss Hick, you are about 5 foot ball, add another 10 inches, and you might be decent. Real people with real money take care of their help. Here’s hoping a disgruntled employee films her and her miniature, pussy husband doing it. That’s about all I’d care to see from her.

  48. Danklin24

    On her generosity
    “I am a very giving person. When the hurricane thing happened, I went to my closet, filled six boxes of stuff and said to my assistant, ‘Take it to Katrina!’ I also like to give stuff to people who are my ‘workers,’ especially if they don’t make much money.”

    Here’s a fucking great idea, give them more money you stupid bitch. Christ this chick annoys me. She’s almost as stupid as Britney.

    Awww here, i dont pay you enough so heres some used dickies decked out in chains and glittery patches.

    Yeah that’ll make them feel comforted.

  49. Anna

    Some people say she could be the next Mother Teresa.

  50. Marie

    To number 20: Gee, you just made my day! Hilarious, yet so f….. real! lol!

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