Avril Lavigne is an amazing human being

September 7th, 2007 // 214 Comments

If you can read Avril Lavigne’s latest interview with Q Magazine without wanting to head butt your monitor then you’re a stronger person than I am. Because I read this thing and all I wanted to do was start head butting monitors.

On dealing with her incredible success
“Selling 24 million albums hasn’t really affected me, but it has changed things. I can’t walk into a room full of people any more without everybody turning their heads, and I can only eat in certain restaurants where I know I won’t get hassled. But that’s OK. I was born to do this, and so I’ve learned how to cope.”

On her competition
“Someone like Kelly Clarkson is beautiful and has a pretty voice, but with me you get a much stronger image. I’m tough, I have a look that girls want to copy, and I sound a particular way. It’s good if you’re not easily ignored. And I’m not.”

On her generosity
“I am a very giving person. When the hurricane thing happened, I went to my closet, filled six boxes of stuff and said to my assistant, ‘Take it to Katrina!’ I also like to give stuff to people who are my ‘workers,’ especially if they don’t make much money.”

On her polarizing personality
“People love me and people hate me, but I’m comfortable in my own skin and that’s what counts. And anyway if you do hate me, you’re the loser, not me.”

Wow, what an amazing person. When that “hurricane thing” happened Avril filled boxes with crap and told her assistant to “take it to Katrina.” The name of a hurricane. And she also likes to give stuff to her employees who don’t make much money. I hear they were going to give her a humanitarian award but she was disqualified because they said it wasn’t fair to the other nominees. Sometimes I get her confused with that Jesus character from the Bible because they’re so similar.


  1. Extreme


  2. Enjoy it while you can, baby.


  3. Her hair looks like shit.

    I love the dress.

  4. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Lady Twatty McCuntington has spoken.

  5. Adena

    *headbutts monitor*

  6. princess lulu

    DAH!! what do you expect from a natural blonde!!!!!! ??????

  7. hello


  8. princess lulu

    DAH!! what do you were expecting from a natural blonde!!!!!! ??????

  9. LL

    She’s the female version of a douchebag. What would that be?

  10. hannah

    the female version of a douche bag is a jock strap maybe

  11. Smegma

    finally she wears decent clothes, I hope she keeps it up

  12. grobpilot

    Insignificant, condescending, better-than-you, worthless cock hole. Fuck her.

  13. This just in:

    LOS ANGELES — The days of Britney Spears and her panty-free parading may finally be over, as FOXNews.com has learned that the “Crazy” crooner is contemplating a contract with a leading lingerie label.
    “A pretty prominent underwear company is very interested in having Britney exclusively endorse their line,” an insider close to the pop princess told Pop Tarts.
    “At this stage the deal probably won’t involve any official advertising, but she’ll be required only to wear their products, and I guess somehow she’ll have to work out a way to show those cotton coverings!”
    The source added that there are few things that would need to be “ironed out” with the Britster before blanketing her booty with a brand, including formalities to forbid future flesh-flashing.
    “It would look really bad if she was caught again without underpants, especially when she has a top lingerie label backing her, so they’ll want to ensure that doesn’t happen,” added the insider.
    Perhaps this is another personal push for Brit to get back into the spotlight “One More Time.” The “reformed” rehabber is reportedly also working hard to drop some pounds.
    It’s been a stressful time for Britney and she has gained weight,” confirmed a Britney buddy. “But now that she’s on the comeback trail, she’s determined to get back into shape. She’ll be doing a lot more dance classes and she’s given up alcohol.”
    But Brit may also be getting some help from Hoodia, with a number of reports suggesting that Spears recently had a big box of the African appetite suppressants home-delivered.

  14. Darth Hater

    Someone should tell this self important little bitch she’s not Princess Diana, although maybe she should be.

  15. frenchie

    She is so god-damn ridiculous. I worked at Swingo’s restaurant in Cleveland, OH, over two years ago. It was a big celebrity hangout in the 70s when bands would come to Cleveland. Swingo’s Celebrity Inn is featured in the movie Almost Famous. Anyway, Avril came to the restaurant when on tour in Cleveland a few years back and was given everything for free – food, drinks, etc. Her entourage got a bunch of free food as well. And how does she respond? The cheap bitch didn’t even leave a tip! She is a “giving” person??? My ass.

  16. YouRang

    Wow! A real life pampered punk rocker. She’s totally hard core.

  17. I didn’t used to hate her but NOW I do.

    I’m such a LOSER!!!

  18. poopimus prime

    All you haters can say what you want, but Avril will always be my tiny Nicole Kidman replacement.

  19. ya_rly

    On her hair:
    “Rit has decided to sponsor my European tour, and they’re trying to break into the hair products market over there with the ‘ravers and tweakers’ market. Plus, I like the fact that it draws more attention not just to me, but to my wild side, which I have carefully cultivated with my agent.”

    On her dress:
    “You’re probably thinking it doesn’t go with my hair, right? Right? I did that on purpose, so that they would clash, so I could get the message out to my fans and market segments that I can look tough, especially in these formal occasions that require I dress appropriately.”

    More about her dress:
    “My evening attire is a bit poofy. My marketing team determined that a lot of my fans are overweight and can get uncomfortable when I flaunt my taut body in public appearances. I use the colors for clashing to let them know I’m still Avril the Bad Girl, and the less revealing cut so they feel as if I’m sensitive to their self-esteem. I’ll probably give this one away to one of my assistants – I know just the one, she has a bit of a weight problem herself. She might have to tailor it for her love handles,but that’s her problem.”

  20. ch474

    Dumb twat! She should be stuck behind the counter at the Flying J in her little dump of a hometown, jammed between the highway and Lake Ontario, wondering if she’s pregnant and will graduate Grade 10. I’ve never heard a worse interview in my -uh like – life. Read a book bitch! Learn how to string a few words together! She gave boxes of clothes to Katrina victims. Great, little kids in grade 1 will now wear Prada to the trailerpark. Don’t be talking about generosity when you’ve got celebs giving hundreds of thousands of dollars … not hand me downs. Embarassed that your “workers” don’t make much? Pay them idiot! Jeez did someone break the second hand on her 15 minutes of fame? Go watch your more talented husband enjoy his regular lap dance at a strip club!

  21. FRIST you are not a loser. Did you go to happy hour last night?

    Do you want to hear something really funny? Somebody thought Texas Tranny and I are the same person.

  22. wastedOne

    Damn, she makes the Olsen twins look like they have curves and personality!

    haha….her workers don’t make much money – then give em a fucking raise if your so damn giving! Oh, you only like to give them used stuff from your closet.

  23. Riotboy

    She seems very conceited.


  24. What'sUpWithTheHair?

    She looks like a soiled tampon. Punk, my ass! What a poseur.

  25. M. Richards

    “African appetite suppressants”??? Don’t you have to…you know…just go live in Africa? Or is Britney going to install her own mudhole, and squat in it, covered with flies, while Sally Struthers eats all her food and pleads for donations?


    That’s some funny shit right there Jimbo.

  27. She disgusts me. What she plays is ten-pop. Not rock. I hope she falls in a ditch and dies.

  28. Jamie

    Wow. Talk about delusional.

  29. Flute Man

    Permanent bedhead. She’s “ordinary girl, U.S.A.”, shellackered, and put out on the music counter.

    What’s so great about being ordinary? She’s really undersexualized, has no personality, and while some of the music is ok, it’s mostly, “I’m a corn girl from here or there! Watch me wash my hair! I spank lions everywhere!” The lyrics are supposed to be heartfelt, but everything feels so commercial, it’s like a controlled little McRebellion in a teacup.

    Where’s the fire? And these latest shots, just more plainness. Did she just come from picking daisies at the Village? Does she have a grey bonnet for that outfit, too, or maybe a drab shawl?

  30. Tony G

    I’d still love to fist her ass.

  31. Dar

    Wow–I feel privileged to walk on the same planet and breathe the same air as Avril. The world is truly a better place now that we have a celebrity who will send six boxes of second-hand junk to that Katrina girl who suffered through that hurricane thing.

    Every time Avril sings, somewhere an angel farts…

  32. Jamie Evans

    Wow, that’s a lot of potatoes!

  33. Jimbo Jones

    I dont believe in violence towards women, but id love to punch her with an aluminum baseball bat…

  34. Hey Jimbo, no she stood me up, like I figured. So I had my own happy hour at my own bar (aka my kitchen). The drinks are cheaper there and they don’t cut you off when you get a little lit.

    WTC?!?!? You are not Texas Tranny???

  35. ShitInABox

    Avril shits in card board boxes and has it sent to Africa where all the starving children are. She knows these kids have never had enough food in their belly to crap and she wants them to see what shit looks like before they die. Isn’t that a nice thing to do for the starving?

  36. robby

    This girl is out of her mind. Kelly just having a pretty voice, but not a strong persona? Kelly would rip her apart vocally and in a fight to the death. She is flat out crazy!

  37. combustion8

    could someone snipe her? please?

  38. stephiphany

    Man, I hate her.

  39. FRIST – how was the service? Did you try and pick up on the bar tender? Did she laugh at your joke?

    I almost fell off my chair when I was asked if TT and I were the same person. I have been called a lot of things over the years, but I have NEVER been asked that before. No offense TT, We all march to our own drummer

  40. Hey TT did you get the email I sent you?

  41. “not easily ignored” ?

    funny, i’ve found it *really* easy to ignore her the past 3 years or so. i’d forgotten about her until i saw this, actually. then i weeped.

  42. faith

    what’s up with her hair?

  43. And my drummer’s favorite song is “Lotion and Tissues for One…Again”.

  44. HottestHere

    Avril rocks! She’s beautiful, talented, and always right at the edge. You bellies and skanks just can’t handle that truth.

  45. HeadButting Blonde

    Somebody needs to punch this worthless twat in the face….. with a CLOSED fist…and SOON!

  46. Chauncey Gardner

    I’d like to be “comfortable in her skin”, too… Ed Gein-style.

  47. Tiffany

    Oh, Avril definitely has talent. It’s not easy to be stupid AND conceited at the same time.

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