Avril Lavigne is a thief

Avril Laviigne is being sued by The Rubinoos who claim her song “Girlfriend” was stolen from their song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.” The CEO of Nettwerk Music Group dismissed the suit, calling it baseless and a “case of legal blackmail.” The CEO says:

“Avril’s a great songwriter and she’s proving it over and over and over again … Avril’s very, very sensible. She knows music well. If the chords had been similar, the melodies had been similar, lyrics had been similar, the meter, she would have gone, ‘Okay, I can see their point.’ But nothing’s similar.”

The record company may end up settling the suit anyways, since it might cost them even more to successfully defend. Although this isn’t the first time Avril has been accused of stealing. Last month, singer Chantal Kreviazuk accused Avril of stealing a song title. Additionally, the writer of “Sk8er Boi” says Lavigne shouldn’t be listed on the credits since all she did was “change a word here or there.” You can listen to the comparison above and judge for yourself. Personally, I think Avril Lavigne is a clown so in my book she’s pretty much guilty of everything. Stealing songs? Guilty! Being a man? Guilty! Murdering Jesus? Guilty!