Avril Lavigne hits the gym

April 19th, 2006 // 295 Comments
avril-lavigne-gym2.jpg avril-lavigne-gym3.jpg

  1. Trotter


    Sounds like Stallion was hittin’ the Pruno


  2. joeqpublicus

    Hey look everybody it’s a little girl trying so hard to reach puberty perv’s would stop buying her music and stop commenting on her looks if she became a real full grown woman. God forbid that ever happen.

  3. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I make all my friends call me “Afrodite Vulvalicious”. Then I dress them up in their Sundays best and we all go in the backyard for a tea party. Clyde Frog thinks I’m kewl.

  4. Italian Stallion

    Grand Mariner baby, that shit is better then a pine-sol martini, wait I can’t say that until I try one, hold briefly……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Ok, I was right, hey you lepercuan ( spelling bee champ) put that bong down, tis not for you bitch….Bad Kelly, thats my hot dog…..

  5. LaydeeBug

    Wow, she’s got a cute little skaters coolie. Tiny, but well proportioned. Props, grrl.

  6. mamacita


    Dude, no way do you read the Black Table!!! That shit is the bomb!!! I was just reading the Pruno article the other day.


    Hee hee, Stallion you silly goose, it’s Grand MARNIER (pronounced marnyay), not Mariner. See below:


  7. Italian Stallion

    Mamacita, I was a bartender for 8 years, I spelt that jokingly, I swear…..Thats what the rednecks would call it, we just called it bartender crack……..Oh and I navigated around Kelly Clarkson Island just last week on my boot…..hehehehehe

  8. mamacita


    Ahhhhhhh. I actually had a cousin call it Grand Mariner once in complete seriousness because he thought that’s what it was actually called. I don’t drink very much so I’ve never had it, but I do watch Emeril and he cooks with it a fucking lot.

  9. wordsjustwontwork

    218 – hahahahaha

    232 – i agree … but only if by “cleaned up” you mean joined janice dickinson’s molten plastic face school of modeling … even when caught in action this bitch looks like she belongs in tussaud’s

    245 – shat myself again

    248 – let me know the next time u go to a game and we will both get drunk and possibly clear a whole section. also, i am a leper


    ps: to whoever said “i bet shes in LA” … you are sooooo TEH PRO at reading signs … high five

  10. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I went to the hospital when I was 15 because I drank too much Grand Marnier. To me, the taste says “rebellion”…

  11. Princess Di's Ghost

    Pity you didn’t go to hospital because you got beaten up and sexually assaulted by your father.

  12. toxic.boy

    Did you have to go to hospital when you paid a tramp with leprosy to fist you and a few of his fingers went missing you dirty fucking bitch!

  13. Princess Di's Ghost

    Hey oshkoshb-goshdammgoshgiggybungynignog, Remember last summer when you went to hospital after being shot? Maybe if you shaved your legs you wouldn’t get mistaken for Big Foot.

  14. mamacita

    Oooooh, racist Brits of the world unite!!!!!!!!

  15. toxic.boy

    I’m not racist, i just despise that filthy anal whore oshkoshb-goshdammgoshtrannyfanny. And when i say “anal whore” i only refer to her sticking her own arm up her arse, seeing as nobody else would go near that festering rancid hole

  16. Princess Di's Ghost

    “Oooooh, racist Brits of the world unite!!!!!!!!”

    You pointless waste of space. Really…what the fuck was that? Hahaha. Go away before you embarrass yourself any further.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey, I official have enough groupies for a fan club! Who wants me to sign their Oshkosh poster first?

  18. toxic.boy

    I have a poster of a big hairy gorilla, could you sign that, its close enough!

    If not you could sign me arse, make sure you put the “o” round me arsehole soz i can take a big warm shit though it.

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    toxic.boy do you shave half of your head, pierce your own body, and frequently tell people to “sod off” while sneering? Just curious…

  20. mamacita


    Can you help me find some psychiatric help? I recently found out that I am a pointless waste of space and it’s really messing with my mind. Please help or else I might go on a psychotic killing rampage.

  21. Princess Di's Ghost

    Oh mamacita, you wit! *chortle* You’re like oshbollockhairohmygosh’s little lapdog. It’s cute :)

    I don’t think Toxic Boy was being racist there you know. You just saw the word gorilla and jumped to conclusions. I think he meant that you were ape-like and hairy rather than black.

  22. mamacita

    “I don’t think Toxic Boy was being racist there you know. You just saw the word gorilla and jumped to conclusions. I think he meant that you were ape-like and hairy rather than black.”

    Wow, that argument makes so much sense!!! Especially since I made the racist comment BEFORE he said anything about a gorilla and he was talking to OshKosh in the first place.

    P.S. I think you should be aware that only really obese people “chortle”.

  23. Deidre Rashid

    Mamacita. . .you walked right into that one didnt you!! You fat bitches never learn do you!
    Im pretty sure Princess Di’s “chortle” was meant as a joke, you know – sarcasm, some say the lowest form of wit [usually because they're too stupid to produce a clever come-back], I myself know that sarcasm is one of the highest, and unfortunately something you lack, along with humour – but hey, at least you’ve still got that damn important near-perfect spelling.
    In telling us all that, “only really obese people “chortle”.” You’ve just confirmed your obeicity. But dont worry, at least we’re all aware that only grotesquely obese people such as yourself chortle!!

  24. mamacita


    Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure you’re a nosy bitch that contradicts yourself really fucking often. So, sarcasm is considered by some to be the lowest form of wit because someone is “too stupid to produce a clever comeback”, yet you know that it is “one of the highest”. Well, I guess that makes you too stupid to produce a clever comeback. Also, if I say something, that doesn’t mean confirming anything about myself. For instance, I’m a super hot chick that has lovely flowing hair, long legs, and really big and firm tits. Well, I guess I just confirmed my hotness!!!

    P.S. Since spelling IS the most important thing EVER, it’s obesity, not “obeicity”, you tool.

    P.P.S. “Since spelling IS the most important thing EVER”<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sarcasm

  25. ellentjah

    nice butt indeed !
    but she definitly needs a tann ..
    and a smiley face =)

  26. Deidre Rashid

    Let me break it down for you mamacita. Because you’re obviously a bit slow.
    Some people – like yourself, who are slow, and slightly retarded like to tell people ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.’
    I myself know that this is not true. I was not contradicting myself at any point!
    You however tell me I’m too stupid to produce a clever comeback – and then you stick the word EVER after again telling everyone how important spelling is – that isnt sarcasm, thats retardedness!
    And shit I made a spelling mistake – what a fucking twat I am. It was after 1am at the time, and like I said – spelling. . . not so important.

    And just so you know – saying you are a total hottie doesnt make it so, but before in your previous post you implied that you were fat, you didnt directly say it – which is why we all know it to be true. It takes a fat person to know that only a fat person chortles. But dream on about being that hottie sweet heart, and who knows maybe one day, if you stop with the comfort eating to compensate the lack of friends in your life, you may become that hottie!-or not.

  27. mamacita


    You’re a doody head.

    P.S. Oh, by the way, Kelly Clarkson thread, post 395, it was the “very funny PrincessDi” that said that sarcasm was the lowest form of wit. Guess that means she’s slow and slightly retarded. So, like, are you guys still gonna be BFF? Let’s see some of that furious backpedaling!

  28. biatcho

    Anyone remember that scene in Billy Madison where Steve Buschemi’s character has his “Kill List” and he proceeds to smear red lipstick all over his like hes ‘a “crazy man”? I don’t know why I just thought of that…

  29. MustangLaura

    She Reminds Me of The Old Japanese Man From Kill Bill

  30. Yeez… Shorty But Good Butt…

  31. I don't give a *beep

    awww… love Avril, so cute!

  32. ATX

    I’d eat lunch out of her bung hole!

  33. Brittany Michel`e

    Okay, sorry for being rude, but seriously…Have you got nothing better to do than sit on your fat asses and rag on a millionair…what have you done to deserve to rag on her…unless you’re more famous or richer than her, Shut Up. Im not sticking up for her, but HELLO youre nothing compared to her, she is skinny, and if you dont remember being in High School, there are girls that short!
    I do have a right to say shes skinny, Im a model, up to most of you, Im better looking. So get off your high horse, and snap back to reality because last time i checked she was the one with money, hit single, and the famous boyfriend…top that? Didnt think so!

    Sorry this wasnt for all of you, but Im a pretty conceited person, but unless you ARE better than that person, shut up. =D

    Oh and depending on the position of the camera, where the sun is, and how hot it is outside helps make the pictures look the way they do…

  34. katie lafritz

    hey #283 you are right and she is richer then those people and skinny so what if she is skinny maybe she likes being skinny and i just saw her the other day and asked her if she reads these comments and she said yes and she even gave me backstage passes and she asked me to live with her over the summer!and she isent gross looking! She looks awsome!AVRIL ROCKS

  35. Sohn Lonke

    284 is lying btw

  36. Bridgette

    What are you thinking? She looks so hot in that pic and shes not even posing??? Avril is all grown up so why dont you people do the same!!!

    P.s I would love her to be my girl friend if I was a dude!!!
    Loves: Bridgette

  37. Wes

    So many bitchy comments about the way she looks, when did everyone else become perfect.

  38. Tyler

    Yo u guys is messed
    this chick is fackin Hot !!
    She aint even prolly got make up on err enythin’ so wtf u guys talkin bout..shes super sexy

  39. Spilot

    Fuck, in the last pic she is ugly

    he ass is WOW

  40. lavy

    wow! she’s perfect and breathtaking! flawless and what a pretty pale skin. small from.. oh nice~

  41. How can anyone say she doesn’t look cute in these pics? I think she looks super-cutie like.

  42. MABE


  43. MABE


  44. Cathee

    Holy fuck.
    I jsut read like, all these comments.. What a waste of time.
    Avril,.. Used to be adorable and cool… She’s just full of herself these days.

  45. kyle

    i hate everyone who says anything bad about avril she cute beautiful and a good singer with an amazing voice so im gonna kill u all and u can burn in hell

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