Avril Lavigne has a belly

April 13th, 2006 // 424 Comments

She’s either pregnant or fat. Or swallowed a mutant that’s trying to push its way out of her stomach.


  1. mamacita

    TaiTai-you rule!!! I typed that thinking “Dude, I’ll just come back and type one more that only says ’400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’, but since you’re so awesome, I didn’t have to. It’s so sad that it’s 9:00 on a Saturday night and this is what I’m doing. Damn, I need to join a book club or some shit.

    P.S. 401!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie_Smashing_baby

    Beautiful People Hello(or ciao)!
    Please no gram corrections here(I’m Italian)…but anyways..I enjoy reading your posts and you make me laugh most of the times.Now,can you please STOP fighting!

    Side note about Avrilan:She’s an ugly troll no matter what,fat or non fat!

  3. cptn-morgan

    Holy mcfuck batman I read all this you are el loco mamacita
    p.s tom still loves the cock

  4. mamacita


    Loco como un zorro?

  5. RicoPogi

    People Starch can make anyone fat. Avril on the other hand may have developed a passion for Oriental Food. BettEr call the LFO!!!

  6. mrsacrom

    Hmm, maybe this can get to 1000 posts?

  7. elephantsinmykitchen

    #398 It wasn’t YOUR level of comfort I was worried about, it was the ppl who have to put up with you.

  8. mrsacrom

    Avril is freakin massive. She must have an elephant in her belly. When it comes out, she will name it Abraham to go with Gweny’s Moses. And then all the ugly animal babies can get on Noah’s Ark.

  9. mamacita


    What’s a “ppl”? Is that anything like people? Are you typing this on your Sidekick?

  10. Heather05

    Sure theirs a bump, were used to see her skinny anorexic self. But you gotta admit it, she needs some meat or eat at Mcdonalds for atleast 2 weeks.

    I don’t think she’s fat. Wasn’t lohan gorgeous before her anorexia??

    pppftt.. NEXT NEWS! avril is boring.

  11. TaiTai

    #400 whew hoo, anything to stay on your good side mama, you can be vicious! Just try to remember in the future I AM NOT THE ENEMY. Also, I AM NOT THE ENEMA, although my nose is feeling pretty brown right now.

    So 411 is the best we can do here? I was thinking 500 was in our sights.

  12. killerkat

    So what she has a belly, at least she is not man-orexic like fugly Richie or Lohan

  13. Ez-EEEE


  14. anybody talking shit about avirl is a fuckin hater! I bet half of you weigh twice as much as her!!! don’t you guys have anything better to do?

  15. anybody talking shit about avirl is a fuckin hater! I bet half of you weigh twice as much as her!!! don’t you guys have anything better to do?

  16. Julie_Smashing_baby

    #414,#415 You’re right!I do weight more than her,but i’m also 5,10..whatever!!

  17. bella420

    LAST!!!!!i can’t believe i did it, i read the entire thread. i can’t tell if i am proud of that or ashamed, either way i did manage to kill 4 hours of company time- woohoo!

    hey does anyone wanna bet that Kim is actually megan harris’s boyfriend??
    Kim, does s/he ACTUALLY ,you know, “feel” like nazi germany? I would have thought s/he would feel like broken shards of glass mixed with cream corn… thats if you didn’t lose all sensation the moment you stuck it in

  18. mylene

    hey krisdylee… i’m canadian and i can say that you suck at french.

  19. don'ttakecrap

    Hey Guy’s

  20. don'ttakecrap

    Who cares if Avril has a belly she’s still a great singer, she’s really prettie and super cool!! I can’t belive you guy’s would makefun of somebody cuz of that! Like why does it matter if her hairs a little messy it’s non of your business!

  21. Desarae

    LMAO @ #9 :]

  22. Janiene

    ok guys. are you all jealous of her fame? are you jealous she can sing well and you can’t? which one is it? all these anti avril comments are trash. anyone who puts her down is really just unhappy about themselves in some way. she has a belly?? whoa! shes not perfect!?

  23. lavy

    O_o what’s wrong with her belly in that pic? *sighs* losers only can see bad things..
    even a very flat-stomach of a lady can be not flat anymore when they’ve just finished eating. and it happens to every human in this earth. oh morons :p




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