Avril Lavigne has a belly

April 13th, 2006 // 424 Comments

She’s either pregnant or fat. Or swallowed a mutant that’s trying to push its way out of her stomach.


  1. Ez-EEEE


  2. CocoNutz

    I hate it when people call me WORHTLESS!

  3. Ez-EEEE

    i hate it when ppl call me wartless.

  4. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Kim, everyone in Uzbekistan already knows I have herpes. Since they can’t pronounce my name they just call me Herpes Lady, and there’s a statue in my liking in front of the Valtrex Headquarters Building with anatomically correct crusty sores. And that song you were talking about on Avril’s album, it goes like this: “It’s a brand new day…” STDs are awesome.

  5. Italian Stallion

    I guess ghost are Photogenic……

    “Why the hell does my skin have to be so faded”
    “All ever wanted was to look like Jada”
    “I lay out, in the sun, But no tan, it’s not fun”…..

  6. FriarTuck

    I love when internet fights break out and then people reference PapaHotNuts, you must be so proud of your army..so proud.

  7. spatz

    whats going on here. arent we supposed to be bashing avril, not each other?


  8. mamacita


    Well, bashing each other is more fun because Avril, the snooty bitch, won’t fight back.

  9. krisdylee

    Hey Ez-eeee, how about the girls wrestle in a pool of poutine? mmm, gravy, cheese and french fries…. now that’s Canadian.

  10. trulymadlydeeplytori

    it looks to me that she’s hiding a wallet or something in her waistline. she’s a stuffy bitch, but id bang her just as hard as I would Kim

  11. biatcho

    Bitch needs to do some sit-ups and get some deep conditioning for her hair. She looks like a blonde rat.

  12. Moonmoth

    That is some really bad over bleached hair she’s sporting. Time to chop it off & start again, or maybe some hair extensions. Maybe she’s pregs with Whibley’s child. Anyway she’s a very boring celebrity and a terrible singer/pop star whatevs, I wish she’d disappear actually.

  13. Ewww. And shes just has a tiny pudge. But even so…ewww. She used to be hot. I mean she’s was a total poser, but she was fucking hot. WHAT HAPPENED?! Her hair looks dumb as fuck, why is it blonde. How do you go from looking how she did to this prissy shit.

  14. Hey, Kim went to KinGergarten. They don’t teach you how to be witty and clever in kinGergarten. I went to kinDergarten and I’m much cooler than Kim.

  15. ladywillow



  16. fanie

    #82 ::: If you think THAT is anorexic, you’ve obviously never met or seen a real anorexic before.

  17. mamacita


    Not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Swordman

    I am not seeing any belly there guys

  19. **Bob**

    #90 and Jennifer Jason Leigh

    newsflash – cruise loves the cock
    mamacita is a retard

  20. biatcho

    uh oh…

  21. **Bob**

    #100 – my point proven

  22. ladywillow

    Darn it ….. and all i was trying to do was be creative

  23. ggremin

    Looks like a case of weed baby.


  24. innit

    Teehee #116, I was only kidding. The thing is some people on this site think a woman can’t be anything below a size 6 without having an eating disorder or wasting away from having a flesh eating bacteria

  25. ellaminnowpea

    peeps are a tad testy….it’s just a full moon today….that explains it! and Avril is about to bust out in full werewolf fur…that explains her hair….and for the ‘tummy’…ain’t that a muffin top?!?!
    hmmmm…wonder if it’s a dingleberry muffin top?!!

  26. mamacita


    Newsflash, Bob sucks!

    Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can’t believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you’re just a big old shitbag aren’t you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing motherfucker!

    I’m sorry if you’re still mad at me over shooting you.

    P.S. Freeway Rules
    P.P.S. Bob smells like doody

  27. mamacita


    Don’t worry, it was still funny.

  28. boobtube

    #97 is by far one of the funniest (and most awful) posts i’ve ever read on TheSuperficial for a LONG TIME. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  29. PapaHotNuts

    # 106 FriarTuck-

    I didn’t ask to be drawn into that fight. I don’t like arguing and name-calling.

    So go fuck yourself you sorry sack of shit.
    Oh I forgot..


  30. ladywillow

    Why thank you…. I was trying really hard to balance the creativity with subtle mocking :)

  31. **Bob**

    #126 – you are sick

  32. Ez-EEEE

    *signs up for papahotnuts minion try-outs.
    *gives mamacita a bar of soap to chew on. easy on the poop talk babe. (but lol none the less)
    *still pervs oshkosh hours later.
    *hands kim a tissue and offers a hug.
    *gives bob a brain and a sense of humor.
    *gives avril a beating.
    *astricks the night away.

  33. jugsgirl

    Shhhh Quiet Everyone……

    I have an important announcement.

    i know where # 34′s keys are.

    Kim had them the whole time. I’m not going to say where she had them hid, it’s disgusting.

  34. **Bob**

    #132 – lol at the homocidal scatologist retard? Now thats real smart and displays a fine sense of humor.

  35. Ez-EEEE

    thank you im a conesuir.
    i dont know how to spell that word. and i didnt look it up, just to give kim something to do later. Go Kim Go!

  36. FriarTuck

    #129 Papa That was my pont, I am sorry if my sarcasm did not come through in the post.

  37. FriarTuck

    sorry “point”

  38. biatcho

    #134: I actually think I saw “Kim” threaten to kill people in earlier posts. She seems more homicidal than mamacita.

  39. The Devil

    She’s hot and very doable. Fuck all you fatties who dis her. You wish you could be young and skinny.

  40. biatcho

    and anyone who uses the term scatologist on a celebrity gossip site has no sense of humor, sorry dudely.
    But thanks for thinking no one on here would get what it means.

  41. jugsgirl

    Bob loves the Kim ? ?

  42. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #132 – What does it mean when someone “pervs” you, and why do I have a burning sensation around my anus region?

  43. Cisi

    What’s with all the escalating sniping today? Let’s remember that we’re on the same side here and direct our comments toward those vacuous celebrities whose good fortune we envy. THOSE catty comments are valid, and certainly much funnier. Lest y’all go off on me for being a Pollyanna, let me end with a fond “up yours.”

  44. mamacita

    For anyone who’s wondering, the quote in my post #126 is from the movie Freeway. I didn’t make it up. However, I am a homicidal scatologist retard. Therefore, I propose this

    “Bob, I’m going to shitting kill you shit shit shit shit, duhhhhrrrr, uh duhhhrrrr, drool, duhhrrrrr.”

  45. DonLes91

    #136 – I think he was being sarcastic. He doesn’t like arguing and name-calling, and then said:

    “So go fuck yourself you sorry sack of shit.”

    It’s ironic humor! : D

  46. jugsgirl

    I do love a good papahotnuts fight, but only when its followed by awesome makeup sex.

    papahotnuts is famous for his hot makeup sex.

    do you guys remember the good old days, when laydeebug would grace us with her presence?

    wow was she good at the makeup sex.

  47. Pregnant? naw. But she does look like she just finished getting banged. unmistakable, that look. Bed head, grumpiness, all clear signs of a lil slut fresh outta bed.

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris we demand to know who you really are!!!

  49. Ez-EEEE

    oshkosh, i am very sorry to say that burning sensation your feeling around your brown love hole has nothing to do with me. i suggest you take any further concerns you have about your poop shoot to our on-site scatologist, mamacita.

  50. FriarTuck

    #145, I thought that too, but then i was not sure so I figured I would just clear up my post. I like to second guess myself. it keeps all of my personalties in line.

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