Avril Lavigne has a belly

April 13th, 2006 // 424 Comments

She’s either pregnant or fat. Or swallowed a mutant that’s trying to push its way out of her stomach.


  1. eatitbitch

    someone needs to kick avril repletively in the ovaries

  2. prideofchucky

    Psssst! Avril! Honey, ur boob feel outta your bra again sweetie!
    Shit-they sure do sag! Catch it before it rolls down ur pantleg!

  3. anchower

    Uh, that’s not Avril Lavigne, fools!

  4. mamacita


    Wow. You’re more stupid than Kim. Who knew?

  5. Kim

    Oh, oshkoshb-goshdammgosh. you hurt my feelings. i’m going to go cry now. some person who has never seen me before called me fat. boo hoo.

    Hey mamacita, look who’s a thread stalker now, it’s oshkoshb-goshdammgosh! I didn’t say one thing to it in this thread, yet IT still had to get IT’S 2 cents in.

  6. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    That lump looks like an alien trying to bust through. Then it will do a little dance on the dining table, waving its top hat, kicking up its heels and singing The Michigan Rag.
    And it’ll be a better singer than Avril. So it’s a good thing that she’ll die in the process of all this.

  7. fanie

    What’s with all the Canada bashing?? You think USA is better? If you’re gonna talk stereotypes, why not say that You guys have hoochie mamas? It ain’t any better. So stop hating on Canada and grow up.

  8. mamacita

    That’s because me and OshKosh are cool kids and you’re the little asshole that sits under the jungle gym picking your knee scabs. Her picking on you is the equivalent of say, throwing a clod of dirt at you because you got mad at me when I wouldn’t play tether ball with you.

  9. Chrystal03

    Now that I look at it more closely, it looks like that alien Kuato from Total Recall “Quuaaid Quuaaid”!

  10. i don't like you


    I thought these threads were to make fun of the article. There is alot of people bashing going on here.

    I think avril used to be cute, she never grew out of the punky 16 year old image she used to portray.

  11. she’s no amy polar…

  12. CoJo

    fanie (57) – OUCH! GeezeSUSS! I was joking! Relax! What’s with all the ‘tude today in the threads. My GOD! Where AM I? Sorry, I thought this was the Superficial where we hate on and make fun of everything…including Canadians. However, here’s a big secret, if she was from effing Ohio, I would of still said, “well, she IS from Ohio”. Get a hold of yourself! Don’t hate the hater, hate the hate.

  13. booface

    Kim is the younger, less funny sister of NewGuy.

    BTW Kim, I’m yet to see you post anything funny at all. Now leave mama & osh alone before you embarass yourself.

  14. Ez-EEEE

    mmm knee scabs and belly fat… were classing the place up tody!
    oh yea BTW!!!

  15. chryssy11

    OMG guys….I don’t care about her, but my goodness….if she is considered fat then 90% of the american population is over weight. Get over it everyone….she’s HUMAN..nobody is perfect EVERY DAY.

  16. Ez-EEEE

    goddamn you booface.

  17. prideofchucky

    Posted by i don’t like you:
    I thought these threads were to make fun of the article. There is alot of people bashing going on here.
    God, no shit, take the girl fight to the “forums” beeoches!

  18. why do people still bother taking pictures of her and more importantly who is still paying for them?

  19. i don't like you

    I agree CoJo. This thread has turned into a war of words between some of the commenters.

  20. Ez-EEEE

    fuck taking the girl fight to the forums. i wanna see it. lets take it to the webcams! add in a kiddie pool a hose and a couple boxes of jello, we’ve got ourselve a show.

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #55 – I’m stalking you Kim, because you’re so interesting I want to see what kind of crazy moves you’re going to make next. Look out! Kim’s going to say something crazy any second…
    Avril Lavigne loves the cock, which is cool, because fat girls need love too.

  22. tits_on_snack

    LOL @ internet fighting

  23. rmeno

    Hey, turkey sausage ain’t that bad!

  24. Oscar

    Man, she’s hot!

  25. mamacita

    Internet fighting is fun.

    @70 I don’t like jello. Can we have pudding instead? Or honey? I like honey.

    @71 Watch out for that crazy Kim. She’s wild and out to defile.

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I know what it is: Avril is just so “punk” and “angsty” it’s just rubbing off on everyone and making us act like angry rockers. Quick, post something about Juliette Lewis. She’s mellow.

  27. Ez-EEEE

    one time i was trying on a shirt in a gap and avril lavigne was there and she was trying on pants and she came out of the dressing room and looked at me and said “do you think i look fat in these” and i said “i think youd look fatter out of them please keep them on” and then she huffed and puffed and stomped her ginormous feet around and the thunder caused by her big jiggly thighs clapping together as she stormed off caused the entire strip mall to colaspe around us. i wasnt hurt cuz i ducked for cover under her huge ass.

    true story.

  28. PapaHotNuts

    I don’t condone internet fighting because a titty never pops out during an online struggle.

  29. mamacita

    @76 Better yet, someone post something about Coldplay and then I can settle in for a nice nap.

  30. Kim

    Who the FUCK are you booface? are you just that bored that you need to stick your cum covered face in other people’s arguements?

    Plus you can preview your post before you actually post it so you can catch typos like “BTW Kim, I’m yet to see you post anything funny at all. Now leave mama & osh alone before you embarass yourself”

    It’s I’VE yet to see, not I’M and embaRRass not embaRass. you normally learn that in 3rd grade grammar you kingergarten dropout.

  31. Spacedog

    I was just in the men’s room at the office and I could SWEAR I just heard some dude at the crisis stage pinching a loaf exclaim “AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!”

  32. innit

    The fact is, Avril is so deathly skinny and anorexic that you can actually SEE the shape of her stomach. This is why being skinny is bad, folks

  33. Ez-EEEE

    omg kim is lame as fuck. at first i thought she was just taking the lame dive, you know for sake of arguement. everyone needs a target sometimes, i thought she was taking one for the team. but to resort to the type corrections. holy hell girl, put a bullet in your face now dear.

  34. mamacita

    In reference to previewing a post before you post it:

    Hey, remember in that other thread, when you did this:

    “i only wish i was cool enough to have though of that! (again, sarcasm, see that’s how it works)

    Not that i need to explain myself, but i guess some people need things spelled out for them. My reply to oshkoshb-goshdammgosh, #123, was itself sarcasm. i guess i’m not as good at is as the rest of the intellectuals here. ”

    and then you did this:

    “oops, typo. i meant to say “i guess i’m not as good at IT as the rest of the intellectuals here”

    I had better correct myself before i get 20 posts about how i can’t spell.”

    and then I said this:

    “In reference to your addendum (post 149), you also forgot to add a ‘t’ to the end of thought.”

    Yeah, that was fun.

  35. Ez-EEEE

    in other related news mention of honey has made me hungry and horny.
    *humps a bagel, then eats it*

  36. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Papa, my titty just totally fell out, and when I went to take off my shoe to beat that ho ass bitch my skirt got torn in half. Now everyone in the office is wondering why I’m sitting at my desk half naked holding my shoe.

  37. mamacita


    No lie. I totally had to take my earrings off.

  38. Kim

    Yeah. this is fun. i like to make people mad, and see their reactions.

    Oh and Ez-EEEE i’d much rather put a bullet in your face, dear.

  39. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    And now everyone is going home early because they all ejaculated so hard they’re too exhausted to work. True story. I put the “O” in Office.

  40. boogaloo

    she bears a STRIKING resemblence to Tanya Harding. eesh.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    That krazy Kim. She’s always coming up with wacky retorts that are so klever and kewl.
    In other news, Avril Lavigne’s new album will be titled “Kim is Gay”. It will go triple platinum in Uzbekistan.

  42. She manages to find enough make up to cover up her scary looking face, maybe she’ll find something to cover up her pudgy stomach, and god forbid we have to sit through nine months of Avril pregnancy stories.


  43. Kim

    hey oshkoshb-goshdammgosh. i heard that too. and her first single on the cd is “oshkoshb-goshdammgosh has herpes”. it’s a really catchy tune.

  44. Ez-EEEE

    kim: <3 love you too.

    pape, mama, nakie oshie koshie: lets totally throw a huge party/orgy and invite EVERYONE! except kim. cuz then shell try to crash it and we can tell her, “hey we dont like your typo correcting ways around here miss unfunny pants” and shell tearfully run off to her moms house. and that will be good times, just like 7th grade.

  45. CocoNutz

    To KIM:
    Since we’re picking apart someone’s grammar, deary… YOU should learn how to spell “arguments” (NOT “arguements”) before you go attack someone else. Didn’t make it through kindergarten yourself, huh?

  46. mamacita


    Let me break this down for you. We’re not getting mad. We’re immensely enjoying this little witty repartee we’re having with you. Well, witty on our end, anyway. Point is we’re having fun and it’s only more fun that you think anything you say is funny, important, or relevant. Again I say, stupid. And as far as Ez-EEEEEEEEE goes, you better quit talking shit about him or he’ll give you the AIDS.

    @91 Will it also go platinum in Namibia? Cause I think the people there have suffered enough.

  47. Kim


    are you sure you’re not just having a flash back to jr high when you had no friends, and no one invited you to parties?

    Let me know when the party is, i won’t crash it, i’ll bomb the place and do away with at least some of the worhtless people on this planet.

  48. CocoNutz

    Uh, Kim… go do your homework, play with your barbie’s, make mudpies, just go away.

  49. Ez-EEEE

    *does have a flashback to jr. high* oh no thats the wrong one, thats the one where the gym coach hit on me in the locker room. thanks for bringing up a very painful memory for me.
    *sneezes in kims face and gives her the aids. (you didnt think id touch her ugly ass did you?)

  50. mamacita


    “worhtless people on this planet”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You spelled wrong again!!! It’s like I’m at the circus watching the clown get a pie in the face. *Clapping hands* Do it again! Do it again!!!!!!

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