Avril Lavigne has a belly

April 13th, 2006 // 424 Comments

She’s either pregnant or fat. Or swallowed a mutant that’s trying to push its way out of her stomach.


  1. sjb16

    Who cares, it’s not like she was ever pretty to begin with, or interesting for that matter. And she only made one sort of good song. Just go away Avril!

  2. spatz

    maybe she just has uncomfortable gas and bloating!

  3. Baroness

    You call that a belly? Pfft..

    Although, I hear she’s attempting modelling now so, suck it in, Avril! But she’s like 5’2″ anyway so I’m not sure she’ll be a hit. And she’s not pretty.

  4. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    If she sucked in her belly as much as she sucks at singing she’d have a sweet six-pack o’ abs….

  5. chiris

    That’s a weird belly.

    I think she’s annoying. All she talked about in magazines was that she was anti-Britney and stuff like that.

  6. PocketRocket

    Maybe she’s on the same Sperm & Oprah diet that caused Seacrest to bloat up!

  7. Mouth

    Oh shutup sjb16, where did you get a name like that. Comment on another board you dope, konichiwa bitches!

  8. mattnoks


  9. mattnoks

    Don’t you just love how excited people get at being first, like its the best thing to happen to them all day. Then they find out that someone else posted while they were dancing around the room.

  10. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    In other news … Tom Cruise loves the cock.

  11. mamacita

    I can’t be positive, but I think she might have swallowed a jelly bean. SCANDALOUS!!!!!!

  12. Mouth

    Chiris you think her being anti britney would mean she wouldn’t be friends with a ho like paris hilton but hey she’s a moron like every other no talent trash talkin idiot in hollywood. Yeah she’s punk. Come kick my ass you little leprechaun.

  13. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    I would knock her down in a minute..FIRST!!!

  14. veronica

    that IS a weird looking belly. looks like a forming beer belly… or, on a rational thought, the skeet skeet skeet diet plan…

    plus, she looks like she walked out of dawn of the dead. she looked a bit ok with the brown hair and makeup before than with the wig-looking shaggy mess on her head and pastieness…

  15. PapaHotNuts

    It looks like she took the 8-ball off of a pool table and hid it in her shirt just to fuck with people trying to play pool.
    “I’m such an anti-pop girl and a rebel, let them try and finish a game with no 8-ball!” (flipping the bird to the bar)”I’m a bad-ass!”

  16. Chrystal03

    She bothers me…and WTF is wrong with her hair…looks like tumbleweed!

  17. derekd

    Talk about NOT attractive. And so young too. Imagine when she hits the dreaded 25-year-old wall where most women begin to look like shit. Yeeessshh!!

  18. sjb16

    To poster #7 Mouth, what are kind of catty bitch are you? Just kidding! But seriously you are a bitch. What kind of name is Mouth?

    Peace Out!!

  19. saltpeanuts

    She’s such a fraud. She’s an eMpTyV manufactured punk, which is to say she’s no punk at all.

  20. sjb16

    Papa is the true badass of the Superficial. Call me a Papa groupie cause I worship at his alter. Papa, what happened to Laydeebug?

  21. I’m prettier and a better singer

  22. shell

    Damn she looks hammered.
    I’m with PapaHotNuts on the 8 ball theory

  23. wired

    well my favourite was that she was “discovered” by singing country music

    and that’s a horrific “belly” i’m putting my money on the bomb i put inside her FINALLY going off

  24. krisdylee

    ell semble gonflee, cette periode du mois, peut-etre? Ah, tant-pis.

  25. SomeoneSaid

    LOL @ #4!

  26. downshine

    je t’aime krisdylee. tu es la meillure “poster” ici! Viva la France!

  27. CoJo

    I don’t know why this suprises anyone…after all, she IS Canadian.

  28. krisdylee

    oui, je regne!!! vive la moi!!!

  29. krisdylee

    I know, those fuckin’ Canadians…

  30. veronica

    Discovered singing country music??? And she claims she’s “punk???” It’s funny how she and Ashlee are a bit similar with their so called “anti-pop, ‘Look at me. I’m some hardcore Punk/Rock piece of crap’” no talent POP “stars.” It makes me cry sometimes that they claim to be what they’re not and the fact that their songs are so shitty.

  31. Anvil Lavigne needs to go back to Canada, beat herself with a hockey stick and then drown herself with maple syrup…eh.

  32. she looks like she could be one of Nicole Kidman’s ghost kids from The Others. And is that truck huge, or is she about 3 feet tall?

  33. boredmilf

    What kind of SUV is she standing next to?? Between the SUV and the curb on the other side of her poor little Avril looks like a midget.

  34. mobilus

    Sorry to interrupt, just here looking for my car keys. Anybody seen ‘em? Side note, Avril’s looking a little like Janice Joplin, minus the daily flask of bourbon, half pack of smokes and standard sleep deprivation. Oh, and minus the death thingy. I’d hit her like Jim Morrison would hit a bong. (Except I would be less dead than Jim.)

    Anyway, if you’ve seen my keys let me know.

  35. Kim

    #11 I thought you were supposed to be cool and funny. A jelly bean? Is that the best you could think of? If you don’t have something funny to say about this entry, don’t embarrass yourself.

  36. tits_on_snack

    “She’s such a fraud. She’s an eMpTyV manufactured punk, which is to say she’s no punk at all.”

    Word. ‘Punk’ nowadays acutally resembles nothing punk whatsoever, but rather ‘catchy, marketable, angry pop music fortified with Hot Topic injections’.


    Plus she started out as a new-country singer. That wasn’t working out for her, so they changed her style to “generic rebellious teen angst” and she was an overnight sensation.

    Now she’s a ‘model’. Whatev. Nice hair. She looks like an extra cast member from the Lion King musical, about to release a mall-punk version of Acuna Matata.

  37. FriarTuck

    Is that umbilical hernia? They can operate on that can’t they?

  38. Jacq

    #15 – Did you forget to work in “eh!” and “hosers!” ?

    She has teeth like Kristin Dunst, who we have not picked on recently enough, which makes me want to punch babies. I hate when the two front teeth are kinda angled back and the teeth on each side stick forward. I’m equally as worried about what’s going on under her shirt as I am about what’s happening on her head. Do something with that mop!

  39. mamacita


    You know what else is embarassing? Being a thread stalker. Enjoy! Happy Stalking!!! Yay!!! Stupid.

  40. FriarTuck

    as funny as the belly is, i can not get over that pissed off look on her face. “i have been standing here for 15 minutes, this door is not going to open itself I am Avril F-ing Lavigne”

  41. Italian Stallion

    Her and Paris are having a contest to see who can have the biggest FUPA……

  42. Jayne

    I’d hit it.

  43. Kim

    I’m not stalking, I just like to push your buttons. It

  44. Star Maker Machinery

    Mallcore, indeed. She’s thinking of lyrics to her next hit single, “Food Court Love”.

  45. Kim

    Oh yeah, my last post was directed toward mamacita, i forgot to specify.

  46. Star Maker Machinery

    Tom Cruise would hit it. Ask Xenu.

  47. mamacita


    “Tag, you’re it.”

    Ewww, don’t touch me. I’m gonna get Kim cooties. Moommmmmm, Kim’s touching me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    What a fat disgusting heifer. Someone please shoot her in the head before she eats all of us or crushes some children with her enormous gut. Cow.

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    P.S. I was talking about Kim. I think Avril Lavigne is a sexy tart.

  50. Dr.Rokter

    If you look closely at the contours of her tee-shirt, you can see an image of the Risen Christ. It starts directly below the lettering that reads, “I reject your values”.

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