Avril Lavigne gets drunk and flashes her panties

October 27th, 2006 // 105 Comments

  1. It’s been a long time, baby, but I’m number 1! Anyway, Avril has problems. She shouldn’t, but she does.

    Sober up, grow up, and stop taking this fame stuff seriously or you’ll end up like (insert celebrity names here)…


  2. mikeski

    Why does everything have to be so complicated?

  3. Ferret – I just read your post about your whorish teenage neighbor and I almost spit out my coffee i was laughing so hard – especially the part about the staplegun… nice work.

  4. Missallanpoe

    Pfft, didn’t you know? Hitler is the hottest thing since chers new nose job…..er. (you hear panting in the backround) ROFL.

  5. ImaCracka

    Man I thought I would get to be first for once……. Oh well….

    I would love to have her flash me…. yummy

  6. hav-a-tampa

    she’s just mad and depressed because she’s a has been artist. she changed her style, look, and got married, and has not put out any music lately.
    i liked her better the old way.

  7. Missallanpoe

    oh and btw…the bitch is as pale as hohans vagina..yes…i’ve seen it..who hasn’t?

  8. I don’t know that I care to see Avril’s pussy, put I sure as hell wouldn’t mind kicking the stupid bitch in it………..

  9. I’ll bet that nasty snatch smells just like Lohans?

  10. Avril is a goofball, but flashing panties can be fun! Perhaps we can have a national flash your panties day?


  11. ScottInFlorida

    And Avril Lavigne is who??

    She’s the chick on the top of the Superficial.com page but what else has she done, (as if that isn’t enough).

  12. #4 – Thanks, I aim to please!

    I hate Avril like a bad rash, but damnit she do have some tasty little thighs on her.

    THAT is the definition of a conundrum.

  13. Steve Sanders

    is it me or does it look like she is a little ‘soiled’? POOP!

  14. AGGHH!!

    Do I see ‘poo’ in Pic # 4??

    Holy Shit! Literally!

  15. BigJim

    Let me see…

    Avril guzzles donkey spunk.

    George Bush is routinely outwitted by inanimate objects.

    The sky is blue.

    It’s 2:23 and I just wanted to make all you people bitching about wanting to go home jelous by saying that I’m leaving work in about 30 seconds. Why, because I’m a senior manager and I’m allowed to do that. Also, I make over a hundred grand a year at a job that is pretty damn easy.

    Time to go fuck the trophy wife. A trophy wife who is a doctor.

    I know, my life sucks.

  16. Ferret, thanks for the “Will Work For Food” thread on your site, but it’s “too little to late”.

  17. Wally, you well-hung bastard! Come see my newest post, you will love it.

    BigJim – how come you never hang out on the Ferret with us, you funny sum’bich!

  18. BigJim

    My life sucks so bad I can’t fucking spell: jealous.

  19. Dude, you must have, like, ESPN or something!

  20. pinky_nip

    No one can ever accuse BigJim of having anything little, especially that ego.
    *kiddin’, love you*

  21. shell

    Maybe Avril should change her name to “Skid Marks”

  22. O would pay exactly $11.00 (USD) to see Avril’s tits. Including Taxes, Shipping,and Handling (of the photos, not the tits.)

  23. checkyourshorts

    at first I thought that pic was of Rumer Willis going down on Avril. But it’s just Avril’s weird legs, which look like Rumor Willis’ weird back and arm. My bad.

  24. #18 – BigJim, you and I are one in the same, except I sit home on my fat ass, in front of a computer all day, poking fun at celebrities.

    The similarities are mind-boggling.

  25. BigJim's EGO

    I make 100,000 dollars a year jerking monkeys off. I’m going home to fuck my trophy monkey. I make all this money and I’m to lazy to stop and get the bitch a banana. Did I mention I have a huge chest and a small penis. Life is tough.

  26. cole007

    Class is dismissed muthas! I don’t believe big jim…

  27. radio4play


    I have a friend, not me, who wants to know where you live. She, not me, lives an hr away from you.


    My friend, no me.

  28. justme

    I’d bang her and blow my load on her face..

  29. ponk

    WILF – Waifs I’d Like to F…
    1. Avril Lavigne

  30. Tracy

    Isn’t she a married woman now? Maybe that was hubby she was angrily texting…
    Drunken texting… the bedrock of a solid lasting marriage.

  31. another celebrity wearing boring white granny panties ZZZzzz… if i liked her, i’d send her some of my fundies, but i don’t so i won’t.

    pop art underpants –> http://www.funderpants.com

  32. jillybean

    As much she’s a stupid little twat, I have to congratulate her for at least wearing underwear.

  33. Kristin

    What a little skank. At least she has underwear on.

  34. Cambry

    Ewww at pic #4. Looks like someone had a leaky tampon. Or leaky ass. Hopefully leaky tampon because at least that way we know she isn’t breeding.

  35. Now I need a drink.

  36. Naid

    Im not a big avril fan , but at least she WEARS panties unlike some of the other whores fish puts up … *cough*hohan*cough*

  37. She looks great I want to ride her

  38. BigJim


    Tell “your friend” that she can email me at therealbigjim68@yahoo.ca

    Does she live in “Rouge Ungulate”?

  39. Binky

    I think I’m coming down with spasmodic dysphonia – but I’m likely exaggerating the symtoms.
    Avril’s OK – she shops at Home Hardware.

  40. Binky

    Radio : Or else contact Deadmonton legislature. Ask for Ralph

  41. laikiska

    short finger nails with red nail polish – eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  42. @44 laikiska – I hope you’re a “chick”, because if you’re not… you’re quite gay.

  43. laikiska

    brain – don’t worry – last time I checked I still had nice boobs ;)

  44. I dont like her music but i wouldnt mind boning her,while she’s drunk..in the back of a truck.


  45. justlikehoney1

    She looks like she smells like Love’s Baby Soft & cigarettes

  46. juicyfruit

    christalmighty this site sucks. could you make it any harder to register? avril needs to be paddled for pooping her panties. bad girl.

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