Avril Lavigne and Pink don’t like Britney Spears


Avril Lavigne is blaming Britney Spears for her lack of popularity, saying nobody pays attention to her because Britney takes up so much space in the media.

“She has paparazzi at her house every day,” Lavigne told the Australian newspaper Townsville Bulletin. “Then she does things that are crazy, so everyone talks about it.”

And then when Pink was asked how she felt about her peers like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton she said:

“They just get stupider and stupider. But I guess ignorance is bliss.”

Sure Britney Spears is a mess, but Avril Lavigne and Pink are out of their minds delusional. This is like Danny DeVito judging Michael Jordan for being short and then blaming him for ruining his professional basketball career.