Avril Lavigne and Pink don’t like Britney Spears

May 14th, 2007 // 32 Comments

Avril Lavigne is blaming Britney Spears for her lack of popularity, saying nobody pays attention to her because Britney takes up so much space in the media.

“She has paparazzi at her house every day,” Lavigne told the Australian newspaper Townsville Bulletin. “Then she does things that are crazy, so everyone talks about it.”

And then when Pink was asked how she felt about her peers like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton she said:

“They just get stupider and stupider. But I guess ignorance is bliss.”

Sure Britney Spears is a mess, but Avril Lavigne and Pink are out of their minds delusional. This is like Danny DeVito judging Michael Jordan for being short and then blaming him for ruining his professional basketball career.



  1. Dureagonfly

    blah, blah, blah…..what did she say?…I was too busy reading about Brit & Par-Ass….

  2. DancingQueen

    Well Avril, why don’t you take your little snot-nosed hoser self on back up there to the Great White North ay? Oh that’s right, the U.S. is where all the money is huh? And they pretty much don’t give a shit about you up there apparently. You dumb little twat.

  3. FRIST!!!

    Jesus, where is everyone today? Is this a national holiday? Jimbo, Fishstick…are you dead? Whoneedsenemies?

  4. What Avril said was stupid, if people don’t like her it’s because they don’t like her. But I don’t see that what Pink said is bad in anyway. She said Brittney and Paris were stupid…..how was she wrong?

  5. mrlithium

    neither avril or pink is blaming anyone. all i saw them say was make fun of britney and paris. false analogy fish, try again

  6. dumbphuck

    wtf was avril lavigne doin in townsville?

  7. Jackie

    It’s funny that the pic shown was Britney and not Avril. She’ll be pleased. (I agree that what Pink said was not bad or worth mentioning)

    Avril at least realises the only way she’s going to make the papers is by badmouthing Britney.

    Just making herself look even more pathetic than she is. Ohh! I don’t seek puplicity, so I don’t have a lot of drama around me. Ohh wait! The paparazzi are such a constant intrusion that I was driven to spit on them!
    Ohh! I don’t know why people complain about being famous, it comes with the territory. Ohh! Hold on, no one is paying attention to me! I guess i’ll try name dropping one of the most famous celebrities on the Earth to get a mention.

    What next? Fack off Avril.

  8. i could care less for all three, but pink – stupider isn’t a word.

  9. Brittney, I c u r gonna b in Orlando..
    Who wantz to see your crappy face
    fakin shit all over the stage
    stay home and feed your kidz
    or were they just a dream to u?

    Much Love for Avril & Pink
    U girlz r freakin hott!!!!

  10. captain obvious

    Britney needs to just go away already. I used to have some empathy for her, now I just think shes a self absorbed attention whore. please tell me she won’t have a successful comeback. You’d think she could have at least classed it up alittle and polished her look. She’s still trying to pull the same stupid teeny bopper lolita crap. You spit out 2 kids and you don’t look the same and never will, give it up! plus we’ve all seen it ALL already, so the tease thing is useless. What is she gonna flash us her uterus next?

  11. Superfish

    #10 it isn’t?

    screw avril and pink. if i were britney, i’d slap BOTH of them down. i wouldn’t even bother pissing on them i’d make them piss on eachother JUST because i can.

  12. N@ughty

    #13 Superfish, you’re a better person than me. to avril, i’d just shoot the bitch and make things “complicated”

    to pink, well…i’d twist her neck first then i’d run her over with her own motorcycle then i’d just constantly slap her until she started singing one of MY songs…then i’d interrupt her in the middle of it and say “THERE YOU GO!”

  13. N@ughty

    #9 “Fack” off?

  14. srg

    …and people who say “stupider” are themselves quite brilliant… and “adequit”!

  15. I think that Avril suck ass! Pink, is ok, but she’s no fucking Major A+!!!! I think Britney deserves to do whatever the hell she wants! She, has been singing longer than any off these nutwipers! I do believe that Britney picks the wrong type of men! None, of these women have kids! So, they don’t know what it’s like to be stalked by the pap, and talked about, about every little thing that you do. From, how she’s carrying her baby, to why do she have on her boots? So, damn what she’s wearing her favorite boots, I know, that one of you assholes still have your bra, or favorite holey ass boxers, so……….SHUT THE HELL UP, SUPERFICIAL BASTARDS!

  16. fIfi===u r stupid,
    sticking up for someone
    who actz worse than Ashlee
    Simpson and u say she has sang
    longer then them..thatz f’n
    funny, she doesn’t even sing
    the studio does, idiot.
    u must be her mom, sis, her,
    or some dickbrain hardon.
    get real, bitch…

  17. OH, yea, which ever ass kisser
    u r,,, tell her to either stop
    that lip stick or change the color
    she lookz freakin stupid…

  18. allie

    I wonder if Pink knows “stupider” is not a word. Dumb bitch.

  19. GG

    Interesting that Avril is now complaining about Britney taking up all the media attention. Wasn’t Avril just bragging about the fact that she doesn’t do crazy stuff to stay out of media attention? WTH is her problem?

  20. footmaster

    so avril and pink don’t like britney huh….well rc cola and shasta don’t like coke…who gives a f..k?

  21. tRipleT

    She sucks… She´s was a teenage queen and tries so be loved by everyone as the old mum. To have kids with 24 is so stupid… man Britney go and bye some brain… I don´t wanna see u in the media again… u´re lame

  22. QUESTION: Why does Britney spend
    more time with the media than her

    ANSWER: The most selfish bitch I
    have ever seen..She will pay one

  23. Kirini

    haha go townsville… avril wasnt in townsville, it was just an interview with ‘the guide’ an entertainment lift out in thursdays paper. i cant believe townsville was mentioned on this site..

  24. jess

    hey avril…pink! jealous much? i agree she’s a nutter but fucken’ hell they just hate that they don’t get that much press.

  25. brooke

    Avril and Pink barely have a career as it is. I guess they think if they make fun of Britney they’ll get press..The great thing about Britney Spears is that she can do whatever she wants. I mean, she could do absolutley anything and then if she finally straightens up, you know everyone will forgive her and forget all the bad stuff.

  26. LP

    I think that they all need to get a life or maybe new jobs cause they all suck and arn’t worth worring about. touche!

  27. ????

    fuch all ya & britney 2 shes a fuckn bithc

  28. punky

    brooke your a fuckn bithce

  29. punky

    jess shut the fuck up

  30. irox

    Hey , seriously , britney is getting famous for being stupid ! at least Avril and P!nk dont lip sync ! anyways every1 has their own opinions !

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