Avril Lavigne

20040917_avrill.jpgTurns out the whole Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley engagement was a damn joke. MuchMusic reports that Deryck “pretended to propose to Avril in full view of paparazzi just to show how easily it is to mislead the tabloids.” That son of a bitch. Nobody pretends to propose to Avril Lavigne and gets away with it! Although I’m thinking that this may be another trick to get the tabloids off the back of the young newly engaged couple. Heck, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Judging by the accuracy of all these news/paparazzi/tabloid sources, I might as well be making this shit up myself. This just in, Avril Lavigne is pregnant with Michael Jackson’s baby and has admitted that she enjoys eating puppies. The cute kind.

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