Avril Lavigne in a Bikini

June 23rd, 2011 // 80 Comments

I’ve honestly never seen the appeal of Avril Lavigne, so you’d just assume seeing her in a bikini and rubbing her “chest” in another chick’s face might persuade me to reconsider that stance. It didn’t. So, here she is in St. Tropez yesterday where I’m almost positive she lured this boat in with a song then lept shrieking out of the water and turned everyone’s face to stone until Sam Worthington cut her head off. Guarantee that’s what happened.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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  2. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    I’ve always thought she had a wonderful ass

  3. Gerald Tarrant

    She has always been my dark secret. I wanna do bad things with her.

  4. Rancid

    I would like to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for pic #5.

    I would wreck that like a jackass porsche.

  5. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    she looks great

  6. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    Paul McCartney
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    I’d love to eat Avril’s fine ass.

  7. what a bangin bod on that canuklehead. any time..

  8. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Her nice looking ass almost makes up for her shitty music……almost!

  9. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    hell yeah, i got ur magnum force baby

  10. Carlton Banks

    Stays Raccoon-y, even when wet!

  11. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Fantastic ass.

  12. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    You GO Grrrl!
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    What a badazz rocker chick she is!! Party on, BB!!

  13. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    If any woman was ever truly in need of a corrective rape…

  14. Taco

    She’s 27 but acts perpetually 14. Always been cute, but entirely too bratty.

    Pump her and dump her.

  15. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    There, I touched them, you happy? Now get the FUCK off of me!

  16. Josephus

    I am surprised at how inoffensive these photos are to my eyes/sensibilities. Yay for progress?

  17. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Kelly Brook & Riley Steele they ain’t!

  18. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    Snooki's Taint
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    Put your best side forward Avril.

  19. Great White Pygmy

    What surprised me is that it was pink. (the bikini)

  20. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    Cock Dr
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    Friends with boats….they get all the fun.

  21. Mia

    she has short legs, not a turn on as she looks like any random mall chick.

  22. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Faux-mo-sexuality is so punk rock.

  23. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    I second all comments that refer to the deliciousness of that ass.

  24. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    Drunk Driver
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    8================================================================================================================================================D – - – - – - 3- – - 3

  25. No nip slip pics of her on the boat with the hat on?

  26. Venom

    She is a fucking idiot, but she is also fucking hot and like the others, I would do bad things to her.

  27. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    congress is out for lunch
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    she’s climbing up the ladder to find the can so she can take a massive dump (she ate too much corn for lunch). fucking fake bitch.

  28. Rough's superficial aureole

    Nah! Id rough this loogie hurling tart real good. Wanted for a long time and never will.

  29. I am more evolved and stuff

    I want to be near those on the wing, flying into the ground with love. Alone, all of us hear her deep over the ground while me make love reading musical mechanical structures. Alone, just all of us and her. And stuff.

  30. Carnage

    I would eat her asshole for hours. Pic #18 mmmmmmmmmm

  31. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    She is so boyish and unfortunate-looking.

    • David

      Nice little hard body, looks like she needs a real man and not some little boy fuck up at this point.

      Someone with some presence in life.

  32. TomFrank

    Pretty sure you’re mixing up your mythological metaphors (Sirens and Medusa), but I wonder if anyone else will notice.

  33. briguy

    I’ve had the “is Avril hot” argument with my friends many many times. Nobody seems to think she’s hot, but I’ve completely convinced myself she is. My argument: The Law of Brody Jenner. Look at the dude’s dating history – he only dates smokeshows. Therefore, since he is dating Avril, I have conviced myself she’s hot.

    • AXA

      Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie are smokeshows?

      Dude, Brody Jenner dated ONE hot chick and that was the playboy girl nicole something something. He dates chicks that smoke weed…

      • Bj

        Fuck that! Bitches can’t smoke weed? You’ve got your head up your ass.
        Hot body, weird raccoon-y face, in my opinion. The pounds of eyeliner she uses enforces that image.

  34. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    That junk on my face. My nose in the pipehole. Fart.

  35. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    still hit it
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    welcome to avril’s big gay boat ride

  36. all i can say is i do not know what dark magic she is using but i want it.

  37. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Her nipple is showing in the photo…

  38. who me?

    First off why do you guys want to eat someone’s ass? That’s so gross. I can understand the other but an ass… just gross. Second of all she is in the ocean with a blow up lounge floaty.. Sharks are somewhat blind and see shadows.. She would look like shark bait from underneath. To bad there wasn’t a shark around.

    • Jovy

      Some guys like assplay.

    • Johnny Cage

      I’m a guy who fantasies about being Lindsay Lohan’s personal toilet, so ass eating isn’t much of a big deal for me. Listen if a guy loves a woman, he’s going to let her sit on his face. However I don’t like Avril Lavigne that much, so I wouldn’t do that. I just don’t like the way she tries to be punk but does pop. Don’t get me wrong, I’d anal pile drive Avril’s ass into the floor, but I wouldn’t eat her ass. You have to love a woman to eat her ass. If you don’t love her, you wouldn’t do it for her.

      • Johnny Cage

        You know what I just saw pic five, so I guess I’d do it too. But I’ll also furiously spread it as well like a bull. It would be more on the grounds of angry sex.

    • Blech

      THANK you. I guess people tend to forget that shit comes out of there.

      Or do they?


      • Johnny Cage

        Yeah but in a said anal pile drive only your dick touches it. Like I said, you have to love the woman in order to eat it out, that’s the point.

  39. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    I just knew she smokes. They all smoke, don’t they?

  40. Honkey

    The ass of a goddess and the face of gargoyle.

  41. Goncha

    My cum just came .. twice.

  42. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    Yes to both the comments above mine.

  43. Avril Lavigne Bikini
    De Bo 69
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    Damn Avril !! who new she had all that ass! I thought it would be pale and small Like kristen Stewarts.

  44. Dee

    Wow, what a hottie, Avril has an amazingly nice an svelte figure, she is one beautiful and gorgeous girl!!!

  45. Blech

    Ugh, she looks like what happens to a wad of berry Bubble Yum bubblegum when someone pulls it into strings before twirling and playing with them.

  46. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    I have that exact same li-lo (air mattress)

  47. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    “What? This isn’t what readers of The Superficial mean when they say ‘that chick is smoking hot?!?’”

  48. magnificient

    She is so sweet

  49. Doc Schweinstrudel

    her face is so ugly, can’t blieve anyone likes her

  50. Avril Lavigne Bikini
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    What kinda douche names his boat “Magnum Force” ?

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