‘Avengers’ Iron Man And Dr. Strange BTS Photos and More News


Lamar Odom is back on TV after his recovery from cocaine/vagina addiction and trying to get work by talking about how shitty of a person he used to be. [PageSix]

The new Avatar movies will probably screen in glasses-free 3D but that doesn’t save them from having cliché storylines and cat people with human boobs. [Fandom]

Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez just realized that the franchise is too masculine and is vetting for more fem-power driven screen time… how did it take her eight movies to figure out the formula here? [Variety]

Wake up and smell the Kevin Bacon in the new Tremors reboot for TV. [EvilBeet]

The American Idol reboot is really dumpster diving to fill their final spot for their talent tribunal after blowing their wad on Katy Perry and Lord Seacrest* (pronounced in a hiss as ssseacresssst). [Perez]

The guy from Big Bang Theory lost his house in a wild fire… that sucks. [EntertainmentWeekly]

America’s third most unpopular weasel, Martin Shkreli, can’t get a jury that doesn’t already hate him to sit for his fraud case. 120 have already passed. [NY Times]