Here’s What People In ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Might Look Like And/Or Punch

Makes you wonder how much faster her sisters could’ve killed Heath Ledger with all that power, doesn’t it? I know.

When you own an entire network like Disney does, you can use it whenever you want to shamelessly pimp your products however and whenever you want. Which is exactly what Disney did last night by pulling Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to air Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe, an hour-long self-congratulatory pat on the back peppered with just enough concept art to make geeks on the Internet predictably lose their shit over the Hulkbuster suit. But if Marvel thinks I’m going to just bend right over for this shit, they know me better than I know myself. Let’s get an apartment!


Aaron Taylor-Johnson Quicksilver

Here’s what Aaron Taylor-Johnson will look like as Quicksilver which I’m 90% positive is Joss Whedon’s way of showing just how little effort was needed to not look like Bryan Singer’s Kid Video version.

“What should we put him in?”
“I dunno. A shirt?”
“Good enough.”


Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Black Widow

The Hulk and Black Widow in a scene that looks like it was lifted directly from the first movie, so way to blow our minds, Marvel. “Stuff you’ve already seen! Excelsior!”


Hulkbuster Suit Avengers Age of Ultron

The aforementioned Hulkbuster Armor everyone’s geeking out about because remember that scene in The Avengers when Thor fought The Hulk? They’re going to do that all over again, but with Robert Downey Jr. this time. The House of Ideas, folks.


And just in case this post hasn’t fossilized my penis enough, someone mashed together Batman and True Detective, and by someone I mean Jesus. Jesus made this.

Photos: Marvel

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