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Posted on Jun 24th
re: Gary Oldman's Career Was Fun (1982 - 2014) (132 comments)

Love him as an actor – his portrayal of the corrupt DEA boss in The Professional rips shit up! As for his politics? shouldn’t matter but sadly it will. he holds beliefs that run contrary to what Hollywood seems to hold as gospel. Some of these older actors are coming out of the closet – Jon Voight, Gary O, Bruce Willis, James Woods, etc.

His message against PC is great though using Mel Gibson not a great example.

Posted on Dec 20th, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 12.20.13 (12 comments)

he never left the 1990s

Its funny that you begin with “Reading is hard” considering your response completely ignores anything I wrote. Thanks for playing!

Phil Robertson made the mistake of giving his personal assessment of gays and of blacks who he knew when Jim Crow laws were in effect. He should have chosen his words more carefully (understatement) and I have to assume GQ baited him exactly to get this type of response from him.

In America 2013, if you make any public remarks that are even remotely “anti” either group you are going to be destroyed. Somehow this is an acceptable thing in America but what can you do.

no where does he mention his religion in his long comment above nor does he mention Rush Limbaugh. Did you read what he wrote or are you just acting out against the caricature of a “conservative” you have created in your head?

He is merely exercising his right to speech isn’t he? His point is that Fish is liberal (obviously) and that his frequent rants against anything Christian or GOP or not what he likes is getting tiresome. Granted he threw in some of his own rude attacks on liberals (calling you bullies and “liberal retards”) which does not help move any discussion forward. :)