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OK, so you have a young person undergoing hormone treatments and adjusting to a new life. You have an older figure in this persons life, also making adjustments to the other persons new lifestyle. They were working out, so one would figure that they were somewhat close.

This could have been nothing more than a, “What do your new fake sheman boobs feel like?” squeeze. Actually going under the shirt is a little weird, but then again, that whole situation is pretty weird. It said he just felt each boob, it doesn’t say that he fondled them or played with her nipples like one does the joysticks on a dualshock controller.

Was there a mistaken offer to feel them? We’ve all seen the sitcom moments where a woman with new boobs gives the offer to give them a squeeze. Did she maybe say that they felt great and the thrust her chest at him? That could be mistaken as an offer to give them a feel. She never said to stop, so he may not have known it was unwanted.

What was their relationship like before the changes? Guys will give each other titty twisters and do all kinds of things that are considered inappropriate with those of the opposite sex.

Not knowing if this guy has any history of incidents like this, or what exactly transpired during the grab, I’m a little reticent to condemn him for what may just be a very awkward moment between relatives during an awkward stage in one of their lives that the other did not know how to react to.

Now, if it comes out that he was drooling the entire time, had a raging erection, and was dryhumping the heavy bag directly after doing this, then yes, he’s a dirtbag and I’ll stop going to his movies…

Posted on Jun 22nd, 2011
re: Police: Ryan Dunn’s B.A.C. Was .196, Over Twice Legal Limit (252 comments)

All reports that I saw stated that he had three beers and four shots in that time frame.

Posted on Jun 22nd, 2011
re: Police: Ryan Dunn’s B.A.C. Was .196, Over Twice Legal Limit (252 comments)

What if the driver is too drunk to know what he is doing? Why is one man being drunk such a sad mistake when the other man being drunk makes him a vile evil person?