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I don’t think you know what the word “opinion” means. Opinions aren’t made up bullshitteries like the kind some faux conservative coke whore spouts to get attention. Opinions are personal interpretations of true facts. If you make up nonexistent things and then espouse upon them, thats called “making shit up” or “lying.” Or “being a Tea Party member.”

Posted on Nov 21st, 2013
re: Justin Bieber Should Probably Take A Look At This (20 comments)

Literally no idea who this is.

Someone sure spent a lot of money and effort on something completely awful.

No, that would mean he is Peruvian. Peru, after the Spanish invasion (bringing lots of Africans along for the ride) became a very ethnically diverse country (White, Black, Mestizos Amerindian, European, Asian, even “Afro-Peruvians”). So saying Peruvians are “white” or “black” or “mexispanic” or whatever is not accurate. Before the invasion there was STILL a large number of indigenous ethnicities, so a racial profiling would be difficult.

But as the ORIGINAL inhabitants or Peru came from North Asia through Siberia, it would more likely be correct the label THEM (the indigenous peoples) as Mongoloid or Caucasian.

Modern Peruvians may be referred to by Americans as “Hispanic”, but that is mainly coming from the country being colonized by SPAIN in the 16th century. But then again “hispanic” is a stupid racial term coined by white folk to marginalize people they decided aren’t white enough.

“Hispanic gives us all one ultimate paternal cultural progenitor: Spain. The diverse cultures already on the American shores when the Europeans arrived, as well as those introduced because of the African slave trade, are completely obliterated by the term. Hispanic is nothing more than a concession made by the U. S. legislature when they saw they couldn’t get rid of us. If we won’t go away, why not at least Europeanize us, make us presentable guests at the dinner table, take away our feathers and rattles and civilize us once and for all. ”
|~Ann Castillo Mexican-American poet.

Be that as it may, their face-stabbiness doesn’t make them correct. “Mexican” and “hispanic” are not races. For instance, lili-white Cameron Diaz if hispanic, technically. No amount of face-stabbies will change that (unfortunate though that case may be).

It isn’t about being POLITICALLY correct…it’s about just being CORRECT. And you are not correct. You are wrong. It is not a matter of opinion. This is fact I am giving you. You can continue to be ignorant, but you will never be correct.

Ethnicities relate to region of origin, not race. That is the LITERAL definition of “ethnicity.”

“Hispanic” is an ethnicity. One of caucasian…European ancestry.

These are facts. You are (currently) wrong. So: NO, your point is nonsense as it is based in a falsehood (it does “remain the same” as it was always wrong based on its foundations). And I didn’t even touch upon the idea that “half black means you’re black” is in and of itself a racist concept, not a scientific one and therefore not really a great standard to use when proving your point about anything, much less specifically a race-based issue.

But don’t worry: you can be right again…by accepting facts and not pretending reality bends to your will. You can have opinions about other things…but not this.

You’re probably kidding, but just so I can be a nerd:
“Hispanic” isn’t a race. “Hispanic” is an ethnonym, which means it applies to a ethnicity (like being Norse or Swedish or what-have-you), and “hispanic” applies specifically people who have some lineage related to Spain. People that are “hispanic” are typically considered caucasian (though they could be black, asian, etc). So no matter how you cut it (and culturally Zimmerman is as white as my own racist father), George is a white dude.

Posted on Aug 14th, 2013
re: The Word Single Has Lost All Meaning (43 comments)

Proof there is no god.

Posted on Aug 8th, 2013
re: The Crap We Misssed - Thursday 8.8.13 (23 comments)

Her fake hair is covering her fake face and fake breasts. Its the ultimate fake out!