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Posted on Sep 16th
re: Rihanna's Nipples: CFDA Fashion Awards (25 comments)

Cockring has a tattoo of Corky on their face.

Posted on Sep 8th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 9.8.14 (32 comments)

You know, at least buy a second drink so it looks it’s for two people.

Posted on Aug 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 8.20.14 (31 comments)

Put a powdered wig on that thing and you have the judge from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.

Posted on Aug 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 8.20.14 (24 comments)

Still warmer than the real one.

Westborough Baptist Church will have a month of angry funerals in his honor and pocket themselves.

Jesus – how many fake accounts did Rush make?

That or clearly Rush made trolling comments, had his social media team do a scan for “Rush Limbaugh Robin Williams” and is attacking anybody criticizing it.

But again, what would you expect from a drug addict commenting on a universally loved drug addict who did for more the average person as a recognizable start than Rush did for his own sheep that he fucks…nightly…and hard…oh so hard.

STFU, Rush, and pop another pill.

I’d be willing to bet people who worked closely with MJ were paid *very* well and had NDAs which may have expired.

Posted on Aug 12th
re: There's A $10,000 Reward For This Douche (89 comments)

“Fair play” in this scenario would be him with a knife or bullet wound, him pushing her to escape and call the cops…not beating her senseless. Horrible human being.