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Posted on Nov 19th
re: Michelle Duggar Pregnant With 20th Baby (250 comments)

What a cult this is. I have seen Jessa and her husband use the sign of the devil on their facebook page. Still Jessa is hot and I would do her in a New York minute. Please Satan can I. Satan rubs his chin and replies, in due time in due time.

Posted on Feb 7th
re: Kelly Brook Giving David McIntosh A Boner (23 comments)

He’d better watch where is walking. If he runs into a wall he’s gonna be hurting. If he runs into another woman, welll!

The whole wrecking ball things makes sense. She’s wrecking her career and making herself into a train wreck. Miley, just go do porn already and give yourself a break. Not that I would watch her in a porno since she is too hard to look at now.

Posted on Feb 7th
re: LeAnn Rimes Bikini Photos: Hawaii (3 comments)

I don’t know, this bitch is not really that hot to me. Great legs, half way decent ass, but there is better ass in Hollywood than this chick.

Posted on Feb 7th
re: Justin #Bbare Hotboxed A Private Jet, Dem Panties (33 comments)

If I was the pilot I would have put it in a nosedive and let Biebs and his homies lose their lunch all over the cabin. As far as the FAA is concerned, as long as the piolts on a private flight are sober, they don’t care what the passengers do as long as they leave the pilots alone and do not hamper the operation of the plane. That is how it works on private flights.

I t would be nice though to have see the pilots dive that plane into the ocean after parachuting out of course and let the Biebs go down in real flames.

And Bubba says: “Put that bitch in here with me.”