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Posted on Jun 11th, 2010
re: Kate Gosselin's Cleavage-Fest and Other News (54 comments)

Typical, you’re just pissed cause one of “your” men, Jon Gosselin, has a WHITE WOMAN FETISH. A LOT of asian men do, get the fuck over it. I bet it really eats at you to know he married a White woman, and has dated several since. We’re the trophies, you’re just some flat-faced slant-eyed delusional chink.

Posted on Jun 11th, 2010
re: Christina Aguilera is See-throughy and Other News (51 comments)

Asian bitches, stop deluding yourselves. No one wants beady black eyes and yellow skin with no tits to speak of. You all look like little boys. Envious stupid wannabes.