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Yikes…that wallpaper is fugly.

This is the funniest comment for this week. I have to admit this round was pretty weak.

Posted on Jun 28th
re: “They know we’re vampires! SEIZE THEM!” (2 comments)

Huh? Not very original humor going on here.

Posted on Jun 26th
re: Kathy Griffin Nude (12 comments)

Are you crazy? I’ve seen this woman in person and she’s hideous. But you go ahead and drool over her photos.

You don’t get too far with women when your name is Fartman.

Never joined the Mariah club…as I don’t see any appeal, both then and now. She seems like a major pain in the ass.

Posted on Jun 7th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 6.6.14 (17 comments)

I’ve met her. She’s actually a dream. Hot, smart, super nice and very cool. She doesn’t do nudes anymore, so I guess I’ll go and watch one of her older films today…like Haunted.

Posted on Jun 5th
re: There Are 800 Hours of Justin Bieber Saying N*gger (29 comments)

He may be socially inept, but if he’s got any head for Finance or has the right people working his money, this kid really never has to work again and still live quite luxuriously.

Posted on Jun 4th
re: Rihanna's Nipples: CFDA Fashion Awards (4 comments)

Go be gay somewhere else. You have no clue about women and nipples.

Posted on Jun 3rd
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 6.3.14 (5 comments)

That fat girl in the background is jealous mad.