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Posted on Sep 24th
re: Stay The Hell Away From Sarah Hyland's Ex (43 comments)

Wow, and I thought this comment section was interesting. I forgot there was an FB page.

Posted on Aug 7th
re: Anthony Cumia's Gone Full Racist (96 comments)

To think that white people are going to go extinct is fucking goofy. To be thinking about your “race” possibly going extinct is goofy as well. Why would you care that much? Let’s say that white people were in danger of going extinct. By the time it actually happened, you would be long dead!

Just live your fucking life, and fuck who you want to, and hang out with who you want to. The whole “ensuring the survival of my race” shit is idiotic.

Posted on Aug 6th
re: Anthony Cumia's Gone Full Racist (96 comments)

“Nobody gives a shit” – The Superficial, circa the last time they talked about Anthony Cumia

VIDEO: Opie and Jim come back on the air, and talk about the obvious. Ron Bennington then joins in.

This is a recording done by Opie.

Cumia didn’t have a publicist, wasn’t hiding, and definitely did not sanitize his thoughts.

As for “acting accordingly” I think the rest of the public are people living in glass houses. We’re just lucky that we’re not people in the spotlight.

You’re absolutely right. Whenever advertisers threaten or actually do pull their support, any entertainer is about to be fired.

Nah, no “I’m sorry” is coming from Cumia. If he did, that would be incredibly embarrassing, especially since they goofed on Imus’s grovelling apology.

Ron Bennington made a nice point, that these companies have fired and re-hired Opie and Anthony before. Nothing is impossible as far as radio is concerned.

It is totally a PR move. You fire Cumia, the news is basically done with it.

If they let this blow over for a bit, they could’ve carried on as usual. People get all up in arms for a couple days, then they forget what the hell they were angry about in the first place.

Who knows what would’ve happened to Sirius? I didn’t even hear about people backing out of supporting the company or anything. So did the market really demand it? We may never know that. How many subscribers would’ve been lost over him staying on Sirius, really? What would they lose- Oprah Radio?? Martha Stewart?? What a sad loss.

You can act like I didn’t, but I’m responding appropriately to what you said.