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Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010
re: 0621-miley-cyrus-vagina-21 (106 comments)

Y’all may not like my opinion, but every single last one of you is just jealous because of something that she has that none of you have. She has a strong religious faith, and doesn’t care what people like you have to say about her. All of y’all who are making really nasty comments about her should take a good look at yourselves and see what is lacking in your lives, and then re-evaluate where you stand in God’s eyes. If any of you are so perfect, why are you criticizing her. By doing so, that makes you as imperfect as she supposedly is. Most of you that are making the nasty comments are nothing but a bunch of perverts in the first place, and those of you that call her ugly, are just jealous because she is way prettier than any of you are. Maybe if you guys (generally speaking both men and women) would get some plastic surgery done, then you wouldn’t be so critical of other people.
Go to church and start being nicer to others. Maybe you won’t go to hell when you die.