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I didn’t realize how much I want to see Hulk fight Wonder Woman until just now. How fun would that be?

Just wonder Mitch, how can President Obama be completely incompetent on the one hand yet, on the other hand totally omnicient and all powerful all at the same time? Like he’s totally spineless and willing to appease North Korea for reasons that someone will think of at some point, but he’s also so powerful and plugged in that he can just call multi-billion dollar Sony, say “Shut it down!”, and it’s answered with a hearty “Absolutely your majesty”.

So if I’m understanding all the things you’ve written on here, President Obama is Don Knotts and Corelone all at the same time?

She’s pretty much constantly naked in that “Master of Sex” show on HBO. Hopefully I’ve saved someone from being cut.

Posted on Dec 15th
re: Mama June Offered $1 Million To Make A Sex Tape (54 comments)

It’ll be the first porno ever filmed using Google Earth.

Posted on Dec 15th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 12.15.14 (23 comments)

Hey before I ask you into my truck, can I just pay you the out of court settlement up front?

Posted on Dec 15th
re: Bill Cosby Just Played The Race Card (43 comments)

When dd Fish get subpoena power? What’s he supposed to do? You want him to use his vast blogger fortune to outfit he and Photo Boy as nighttime vigilantes? All that leather gear they have isn’t for protection, asdf.

Posted on Dec 15th
re: Kim Kardashian Wants A Flat Ass Now (19 comments)

I’ve mentioned this before on here, but I bet having butt implants just feels weird and terrible. Like you’re sitting on your wallet all the time, but worse. I carry my wallet in my front pocket because I hate that “back pocket” feeling so much; I can’t imagine having that done to you on purpose.

If they didn’t want their emails leaked, they shouldn’t have used email.

Posted on Dec 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 12.11.14 (12 comments)

Forget “The Polar Express.” This is the best example of the uncanny valley.

Posted on Dec 11th
re: 'Guardians of The Galaxy' Has An Honest Trailer (9 comments)

So here’s a question for the group; I was planning on going to see this again at the cheap theater tomorrow (I’m on vacation). However, I forgot about the bluray being out until I just saw Fish mention it. Should I watch it at the theater one more time or just get the bluray tomorrow and watch it ad home in my underwear?.