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Posted on Jul 22nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 7.21.14 (11 comments)

Hot, but PS fail on the back of her arm.

Posted on Jul 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 7.10.14 (15 comments)

Successful removal of Antonio’s name.

Posted on Jun 23rd
re: The Pope Just Excommunicated The Entire Mafia (15 comments)

Vox is still around? I didn’t know people still blogged through that site.

Thought this was going to be about the Selena/Bieber back together Instagram photo.

Posted on Jun 11th
re: The Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2014 Celebration (6 comments)

Hate to pimp AOL, but is better than Google Reader. Just sayin’ …

Plus, I didn’t like Feedly – didn’t seem like a one-for-one replacement.

Nic Cage and Dice! Fuhgeddabowdit!

You make a valid point. That being said, if we don’t “ban” them but regulate on a different level like I proposed then their argument about “taking their guns away” falls flat – which is the foundation of their other arguments; take one away and the house of cards fall down. How can they argue anything if we aren’t taking their toys away?

It will also put the NRA out of business, or rethink their business model, because they can’t seed fear into stupid minds.

Something definitely needs to be done, but is restricting gun rights the answer? The victims at most mass shootings have mostly been unarmed, and the shooters usually get their weapons from shitbag parents that don’t believe in safety.

Another point is even if guns were outlawed criminals will still get them. I will admit if someone breaks into my house my knife won’t protect me, especially when it’s hard to call 911 without making myself a target and living through 20 minutes for the police to arrive. So banning arms (not just guns even though stupid people equate it to 1 type of armament) won’t help.

I think the first step is to arrest and convict people who allowed crazy people access to their weapons as accomplices – a responsible owner has their shit locked up so dumb shit like this doesn’t happen.

School environments shouldn’t be an extension of the NRA, so arming teachers and students is so far beyond retarded, like banning arms entirely. With an in-your-face gun presence in schools students and faculty will be constantly on edge with fear, which doesn’t facilitate good learning habits. I don’t see anything wrong with a small security force that makes random walks around campuses – I do believe a show of presence is a deterrent, like back in the day before the police became revenue gatherers for the state (speed traps during rush hour is stupid).

Doppler effect on some righteous titties.