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I was bored enough to sit and read through this entire group of words that are thrown together in the form of an ‘article’ on this web page, but only because it’s been a few weeks since I have stumbled across such an ignorant headline for a ‘news/gossip story’. After I waisted that half a minute of my life… I decided that the person who typed this up is probably the most brain-dead and completely pathetic loser to ever own a computer.

I learned very quickly how wrong that decision was after skimming through a few of the comments that followed…..

I’m honestly thinking that the person who typed the article for this story almost HAS to be the owner of each of the accounts that left a comment. I refuse to believe that there are seriously THAT many f*cktards that all happened to stumble on top of each other all at once. . . WOW!!!!

I haven’t gone over the ‘TOS’ of the site yet, but I’m thinking my account will be deactivated soon since one of the requirements to maintain a membership OBVIOUSLY consists of riding a short yellow bus and licking windows in my free time.