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Posted on Dec 11th
re: Mark Walhberg Wants To Be A Cop. In Real Life. (28 comments)

This dipshit needs a real gun like oil industry needs an environment (or the banking industry needs a world economy) to ruin…

Posted on Oct 17th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.16.14 (17 comments)

Bell’s palsy is a common enough affliction, people.

Posted on Oct 17th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.16.14 (17 comments)

The first time he could clearly feel the icy cold fingers of his own mortality inexorably closing around his throat with their vise-like grip…

Posted on Sep 16th
re: On Adrian Peterson And 'Whooping' Kids (214 comments)

This guy and the Minnesota Vikings, hell, the entire NFL are working too hard to spin this. Permanent neurological damage at a young age is what American football is all about! You don’t have to sadistically abuse your 39 kids, the other players and the coaches will do it for you!.

Posted on Sep 16th
re: Kanye Is A 'Married, Christian Man,' You Assholes (37 comments)

He’s a nasty self-absorbed moron and his fans deserve the crap they have to listen to for giving him money.

This is what happens when no one around you ever tells you “no.”

Egotism and delusions of grandeur progress in a few years to full blown histrionic personality disorder.

That and the entire rest of the world pretty much thinks you’re a dipshit…

Posted on Aug 19th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 8.18.14 (37 comments)

Taint a selfie?

My first impression of Limbaugh has stayed with me to this day, and several comments above have already mentioned something like it. He is a cynical hack playing his ignorant redneck audience for ratings and the subsequent advertising dollars. It is just my opinion, but he really does seem to be a cheap, sleazy huckster who doesn’t believe what he says any more than I do.

Posted on Aug 12th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

A comedian who deals with these issues is Maria Bamford. She can be obscure, but she is the only relatively well-known entertainer I know of addressing things head-on like depression, OCD, etc. with actual comedy. She has a lot of stuff on Youtube.

I see a new Olympic sport: