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Posted on Aug 3rd, 2010
re: There's Amber Rose's Ass in a Bikini (7 comments)

Gotta love that “poo tattoo” on her thigh….

Posted on Jul 13th, 2010
re: Blake Lively's Boyfriend Thinks He's So Tough... (14 comments)

What the fuck is a Penn Badgley?

Posted on Jul 6th, 2010
re: 0706-kate-gosselin-bikini-01 (7 comments)

Looks like her vet did a better job lifing those titties than navel re-alignment…
Nice rack!

Posted on Jul 6th, 2010
re: Kim Kardashian Has a New Man (44 comments)

Not particularly…
How many black women enjoy seeing a well known and well-to-do black guy, only dating white women?

From personal experience…not too damn many!
But then again it must be insecurity…right?

Posted on Jun 30th, 2010
re: Lady GaGa is a Dude (133 comments)

Looks like a young Barry Manilow… GAK!

Posted on Jun 29th, 2010
re: Coco Should Wear a Smaller Bikini (161 comments)

Who dresses in that shit without taking the Norelco to it first?