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Meanwhile, up in Canada, a popular radio personality has been accused of sexual assault, prompting 12 additional people to come forward with their own allegations of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment going back over 25 years. But I’m sure they’re all fabricating, money-grubbing whores looking for a payday and their 15 minutes of fame. After all, legitimate rape victims always file reports right away, don’t they? I mean, they know they’ll be believed when they’re some nobody, all alone, and the accused is a popular celebrity. That’s just logic.

No Sarah Palin book review this year? Aw.

Posted on Nov 25th
re: Katherine Heigl Used John Mayer's Penis To Get Engaged (14 comments)

Ha ha! It’s funny, because Photo Boy’s written all the posts so far today!

Posted on Nov 25th
re: Bette Midler Told Ariana Grande Not To Whore Herself (52 comments)

Holy shit, it’s really called the Smoothie King Center! I thought you were just making that up.

Posted on Nov 25th
re: Christian Bale Wanted To Play Batman Again (16 comments)

I’ll take those Evanescence songs in Daredevil over the ones they used to introduce Kingpin (“I’m an outlaw”—get it? he’s the bad guy!) and Bullseye (“Ya see, I’m Irish, but I’m not a leprechaun”—get it? Colin Farrell’s Irish!).

I think some of it’s about the curry. Like, while he’s eating the curry in front of all those young female assistants, he farts up the whole green room into a giant hotbox. “No, no, you can’t leave. My contract explicitly states—*fart*—that you have to keep watching—*fart*—until I’m finished eating…ahhh. Silent but deadly.”

McBEEF likes The Olive Garden, not me.

“He made Thriller. Thriller.” – Dave Chappelle

“A black man was a superstar in the 1960s? I don’t believe it. Weren’t they still marching for their rights and stuff?” – Rico Jones

Leave the house? Fuck that shit. I’ll give you my housekeys when you pry them from my cold, dead, shut-in hands.