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Posted at 5:06pm
re: Hannibal Buress: Google 'Bill Cosby Rape' (33 comments)

It’s funny, I’ve never known “Run n Gun” to pull his(?) punches when it comes to racist comments.

Posted at 5:03pm
re: Hannibal Buress: Google 'Bill Cosby Rape' (33 comments)

Isn’t “magi” the plural of “mage”?

Posted at 5:01pm
re: Hannibal Buress: Google 'Bill Cosby Rape' (33 comments)

I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with ManWhoHasSeenAVagina more than this praise for recent Woody Allen shit over his classic work. Allen hasn’t turned in anything of superior caliber since the mid-90s. Hell, I’ll even take Celebrity and Deconstructing Harry over anything he’s made in the last 15 years.

Posted at 4:54pm
re: Renee Zellweger: ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards (5 comments)

So Warren Beatty’s making a Dick Tracy sequel after all. Sarah Paulson must be taking over the role of Tess Trueheart, and obviously, RenĂ©e Zellweger’s playing Newface.

Posted on Oct 20th
re: Jennifer Lopez Still Makes Videos With Fat Joe (14 comments)

I’m pretty sure this still takes the prize for worst caca “song” anyone’s ever made:

Posted on Oct 17th
re: Kelly Brook Took David McIntosh Back (17 comments)

It’s too bad “Boner Boy” was already taken, because this is really all that David McIntosh is known for.

Posted on Oct 17th
re: Good Morning, Cynthia Escobar, And Other News (7 comments)

I wonder how much of “Cute Girls in Underwear” are authorized pics, and how much are pics uploaded by vengeful ex-boyfriends and the like.

Normally I’d be on board with correcting someone for using “bikini” when it’s not a two-piece, but looking at this contraption, I’m willing to forgive Fish for not knowing this was a one-piece. Hell, I’m not even sure you can call it a “one-piece.” It looks more like three or four pieces held together by a single strap and strong wishes.

Posted on Oct 15th
re: Ewan McGregor Might Be Doctor Strange (13 comments)

Remember when Jon Hamm was being considered for the role and I jokingly pointed out that one of Doctor Strange’s abilities was “extended longevity”? Well, er, ah, check out Ewan’s macgregor in The Pillow Book. I think you can also see it in Velvet Goldmine, but Pillow Book‘s the superior movie of the two and I think there’s more tumescence in that one, anyway.

Posted on Oct 14th
re: Kesha Sues Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault (24 comments)

I don’t know. You can usually count on McBeef to cross the line.