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Posted on Jul 18th
re: Joe Francis & Abbey Wilson (2 comments)

Word, they both look like creepy, soulless wax dolls of themselves.

The problem with you angry O&A fans is that you think your subscription dollars represent “the market” as though you’re actually the most powerful stakeholders here. Subscription rates ebb and flow, but you know who has the immediate power to kill revenue? Advertisers. And they have a long history of freaking out and pulling out of these types of PR scandals, and Sirius knows this and IS acting in its own financial best interests in firing Cumia. Welcome to how the free market actually works.

They’ve already done the math, guys. They can afford to lose you. Bye.

But the “Market” DID dictate his firing. I’m guessing a lot of advertisers threatened to pull out and SiriusXM had to comply since they pay everyone’s salary. A trickling out of subscribers isn’t going to hit them as hard or as immediately as a direct loss of advertising revenue. And hell no, advertisers don’t want to be associated with “somebody should shoot that black whore piece of cunt” Twitter rants. It amazes me how butthurt people get whenever the free market WORKS AS INTENDED.

I actually enjoy that facet of public life. In the past, the wealthy and powerful could hide behind publicists to sanitize and protect their images. Now they can just get fucked up, hop on Twitter and broadcast their ignorant/offensive/idiotic bullshit directly, and the public and market can react accordingly. It’s positively Darwinian.

Posted on Jul 11th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 7.11.14 (14 comments)

And the Michael Jackson nose. I recommend she gets more of her vag out to distract from all that mess higher up.

Posted on Jul 5th
re: Gwyneth Paltrow Bikini Photos: Hawaii (2 comments)

She is painfully skinny and pasty but her belly sticks out. Her body has the clear signs of long-term malnourishment. And I’m supposed to be taking lifestyle advice from this person?

Unfortunately their “sex tape” is just them slamming Fireballs while inhaling the entire GDP of Columbia, then running around beating up paparazzi, “surprise” cunnilingusing supermodels, and sacrificing small children and animals to Satan before passing out in a heap of stank and despair.

Posted on Jun 12th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 6.11.14 (39 comments)

Ass by Photoshop. Decorative upholstery skidmark by Coco.

To be fair though, at least he deliberately styles himself to look like a rapist.

You do realize men get raped too?

And the reason why “feminists” treat this crime as “special” is because people like YOU treat it as “special.” On stories about bullying or murder or property theft, I NEVER notice trolling assholes like you rushing in to play devil’s advocate like “what did the victim do to deserve it? what were they wearing before the crime occurred? maybe they’re lying? were they drunk? because if so, the fault goes both ways!” YOU turned it into a gendered thing, YOU tried to argue crime victims bear equal responsibility with criminals, and YOU equated being sexually violated to falling down and hitting one’s head on the sidewalk.