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Posted on Oct 3rd, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.3.13 (19 comments)

I’m just waiting for the creepy twincest showmance to begin with Bieber. Any day now…

Posted on Oct 3rd, 2013
re: Nicki Minaj Banged Zac Efron (20 comments)

Sorry fellas, but Zac Efron looks like he knows how to fuck. Drake, on the other hand? Meh.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013
re: Lady Gaga: VMAs 2013 (5 comments)

Yeah, she’s been doing her squats religiously. It must suck to put in all that work and then all people can talk about is some flat-assed hillbilly hick instead.

Posted on Jul 19th, 2013
re: If You See A Drunk Andy Dick, Don't Pick It Up (17 comments)

I don’t get why anyone would invite this crackhead anywhere, unless they are specifically hoping for this outcome.

In other news, somewhere in LA a little Asian boy is getting raped right now.

Her proportions are so weird. Skinny insect body, painfully hard giant boobs, huge lollipop head, huge man hands – are we convinced this is an actual human being?

You’ve clearly never met the super-troll known as Randal.

WTF is a colposcope?

Wait, Randal is straight now? WTF?!?

Ugh. This vile, spoiled little shit is like the IRL version of King Joffrey, probably rapes and pillages just as much, and is equally in need of a swift beheading.

Posted on Jul 9th, 2013
re: Farrah Abraham Got Kicked Out of Rehab (18 comments)

“Order”? Hahahaha, welcome to the internet. You’ll learn so much here.