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Posted on Mar 18th
re: Malaysia Flight 370 Just Got Occam's Razor'd (24 comments)

But-but-but… How are we going to argue for more NSA money, more extensive surveillance powers, and deeper TSA probes if this thing turns out to be a *mechanical* problem???

Mr. Goodfellow, prepare to be dodging drones on your way to work this morning…

Interesting thing about Palin: when she was governor, before she became the VP nominee, when only political junkies like me knew who she was, she was widely viewed as a rising Republican star because she was moderate, level-headed, and bi-partisan. She became governor by railing against how the Republican-majority state government had been bought out by oil interests, and spent her time as governor reigning in the oil interests and overall being a surprisingly effective, centrist, broadly-respected governor.

Then the VP nod came in. And the rest is history…

All this goes to show (I think), that politicians will do or say what they need to in order to get elected. Their actual beliefs are often hidden and usually shockingly different from their public persona. Anyone who’s spent time in DC knows how different people are when the cameras are off. It’s like the old Looney Tunes cartoon where ralph the wolf and sam the sheepdog spend the entire time ferociously chasing each other, then when the clock strikes, they punch out and exit as old buddies.

While Palin’s transition from governor to national candidate may be less of a 180-degree turn than Mitt Romney’s, it’s still remarkable. At the end of the day, Palin decided her ticket to money, power, fame, and possible political office was by riding the nascent tea party wing of her party, not the old-power but rapidly dying off mainstream centrist wing. With that decision she’s proved far smarter than her outward image of the girl from Wasilla who doesn’t know you can’t see Russia from Alaska.

Posted on Nov 14th, 2013
re: Kelly Brook's Banging Jeremy Piven? I WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN!!! (28 comments)

I have to ask my celebrity-following superiors here: what makes piven a douche? Ari Gold the character was a douche, but I remember seeing a few interviews with Piven and he seemed like a laid-back, normal guy. I still hate him for this, but still, every man deserves a fair douche trial or else we’re no better than the terrorists. Or the French.

P.S. No, I’m not Jeremy or I wouldn’t be wasting time on this site when I have Kelly Brook waiting for me out on the deck…

Posted on May 15th, 2013
re: Angelina Jolie's Breasts (1995 - 2013) (129 comments)

I wonder whether Jolie deciding to publish this op-ed is in response to the NY Times recently running a huge article on how perhaps we’ve scared too many women into being too aggressive with screening and treating this disease…

(And before the flamewars begin, the original article wasn’t about people like Jolie who have family history and genetic factors, but about regular women with minimal risk factors who potentially are undergoing a huge number of unnecessary screenings / biopsies / treatments with fairly minimal improvements in outcomes)

BTW, since this post is becoming something of a public service announcement, and since I assume a large portion of the readers are guys: about 10% of breast cancers occur in men. So if you have a lump, get it checked out. Don’t just assume it’s the atrophied husk of what used to be a vibrant pectoralis muscle before you stopped exercising and spent all day searching the web for pictures of naked celebrities.

Posted on May 15th, 2013
re: Angelina Jolie's Breasts (1995 - 2013) (129 comments)

I don’t think Fish said anything offensive there. In fact, aside from reminding us how awesome Angelina’s breasts were, he’s not even saying he disagrees with her decision (although he also doesn’t say he agrees; wisely, I think he’s staying out of second-guessing a complex medical decision from a distance).

Why is it offensive to acknowledge the truth that breasts can be a large part of both a woman’s self-image and a man’s attraction to a woman and therefore makes it a particularly hard decision to remove what’s otherwise just a large lump of fatty tissue that otherwise has no effect on a person’s quality of life?