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Posted on Sep 11th
re: Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty of Murder (37 comments)


Posted on Sep 10th
re: You Kids Want Ass? Jennifer Lopez Will Give You Ass (17 comments)

For ONE SECOND when I saw the photo before reading the headline I thought that was Ariana Grande because of the ponytail.

Kay, you’re absolutely right. But conflict, whether real or generated by media hype, is entertaining to the general public.

Obviously a word can have more than one meaning. In THIS context, as a slang expression, the word is being used as a euphemism. And while some black people feel that changing the ending of the original racial slur from “er” to “a” somehow makes it less offensive coming from another black person, others disagree and find it offensive regardless of how the original slur is spelled or the race of the person saying it.

Posted on Aug 18th
re: Lily Allen Nipple Slip: V Festival (2 comments)

If you’re going to use an obscene gesture, at least get it right.

“Ninja” is a euphemism for the offensive word for black people “ni**a” or “ni**er.”

Posted on Aug 11th
re: Bella Thorne: 2014 Teen Choice Awards (5 comments)

Yep. But she’s actually still 16; she doesn’t turn 17 for a few months.

Posted on Aug 11th
re: Demi Lovato: 2014 Teen Choice Awards (7 comments)

Yeah, she’s recovering from drug addiction, alcoholism, bulimia-nervosa, and self-mutilation.

Posted on Aug 7th
re: Charlize Theron Will Destroy Tia Mowry Now (27 comments)

Charlize could have just explained to Tia the next time she saw her that she wanted to remain anonymous and talking to her would draw attention to them. It seems like it was a simple misunderstanding. Trying to ban someone from the gym because they told the public how rude you were to them is egotistical.

Here’s an interesting contradiction: If she considers Tia to be such a has-been (“famous for a minute 20 years ago”) then why should she be concerned about people seeing them talking to each other?

Posted on Aug 4th
re: Megan Fox Tells Moviegoers To 'F*ck Off' (15 comments)

I get that Megan is being loyal to the franchise, but the truth of the matter is that the 4th Transformers movie was NOT GOOD AT ALL. Did anyone else notice that there was A LOT of profanity in that last movie? I mean A LOT. There wasn’t much of a story either. I’m not wasting my money on a 5th movie. The 1st one was the best, the 2nd and 3rd were tolerable. The 4th one effectively ended my interest in seeing any more of them.