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OK, now that the beiber brat has totally disrespected the Chicago Blackhawks, by stepping and dancing on the part of their clubhouse that they kindly let him in; and the Blackhawks players want to beat his ass, and many of them are from Canada, this little pussy has nowhere to hide now. From Chi town to Keyshawn: PLEASE DO SOME SERIOUS WHOOP ASS ON THAT WANNABE LIP SYNCHING PIECE OF SHIT. LET HIM KILL HIMSELF, NOT YOU, YOUR KIDS OR YOUR NEIGHBORS, THEIR KIDS, PETS, ETC. Hopefully Bieber will do himself in. Never said that before, but it is what it is. 20 years old and this many problems? Beat it off Beiber. Please Keyshawn, do all of us here in Chi-town a favor and beat his ASS!