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Posted on Nov 11th
re: Maitland Ward Nude Topless Photos (15 comments)

Who is this pugfaced balding tri-toned skank and why am I continually subjected to oily pictures of her?

Oh, good. I’m glad you got my point.

And yet no one cares what Lena Dunham has to say.

Posted on Oct 30th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 10.30.14 (8 comments)

I love her.

Posted on Oct 21st
re: Renee Zellweger: ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards (1 comments)

I’ve never seen crow’s feet on someone’s temples before.

Posted on Oct 4th
re: Nick Jonas Is Grabbing His Dick On The Internet (21 comments)

Concerned about the burnt marshmallow nipples. Concerned about the thumb as a measuring device. Concerned about the backwards baseball cap.

I have no idea what this woman looks like. Seriously, she is so bland and boring. I guess that’s why Levine married her, she’s like the It of sex.

Posted on Sep 24th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 9.24.14 (16 comments)

Debbie Harry is 69 years old so you all can just shut up.

Posted on Sep 23rd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 9.22.14 (10 comments)

Aww…but yes she is pregnant again.

Posted on Sep 15th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 9.15.14 (18 comments)

There’s always a Shia LeBoeuf in the back, saying it with his eyes.