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So, Kim Kardashian had a 72 day marriage. If anyone has been watching “Kim and Kourtney take NY” it kind of shows the decay of Kim and Kris’ marriage.. There was a scene last week, where they’re at a restaurant and Kris got BBQ sauce all over his finger, and told, not asked, but told Kim to lick his finger. You could tell she was embarrassed. But, it takes two to tango, and this isn’t all the Hump’s fault! Now that we’re almost towards the end of this series, you can tell that Kim has had it with Kris.. Also, Khloe hates Kris, I think more than she ever hated Scott, and that’s a lot of hate! lol. Khloe and Lamr’s show starts right after Kourt and Kim’s show.. What, are they like a reality show monopoly now?

Posted on Aug 9th, 2010
re: Britney Spears Quit Wearing Underwear Again. Fantastic. (64 comments)

I saw another comment from 2007, when Britney strarted all of these crotch shots for the papparazzi… This girl said, “well maybe she needs to go without panties b/c she is suffering from a bad yeast infection, and needs the fresh air to make the infection better.!” That comment was the best, b/c that’s what most, and at least my
ob/gyn’ tell women what to do!!. lol. However, they don’t mean to go outside w/o panties!!.. lol