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But then why would guys want to talk to her?

Posted on Apr 14th
re: Katy Perry: Coachella 2014 (11 comments)

If you didn’t tell me it was Katy Perry, I would have thought it was a groupie leaving a tractor pull

Posted on Mar 25th
re: Kristen Bell Bikini Photos: Hawaii (6 comments)

Actually, she’s 33. A personal trainer and a intensive 6 month program could turn that into a prime grade A butt. Prime grade A+ is reserved for of Maria Menounos.

Posted on Mar 24th
re: Jesus Christ, Jessica Simpson's Legs (41 comments)

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure there’s still a Velveeta shortage. Do you want to use up your entire supply in one night??

Posted on Mar 21st
re: Kate Upton Wardrobe Malfunction (2 comments)

The amount of stress on that top button must be incredible. Forget thread, she’s gotta be using 80lb test on those buttons.

Posted on Mar 20th
re: January Jones Is Naked, Wants To Bang Rihanna (11 comments)

I’m sure Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are sweet ladies. So which do you want?? I’ll take the icy whore in a beautiful package.

Posted on Mar 3rd
re: Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Selfies Leaked Online (45 comments)

Her IMDB profile says she’s 21, so you don’t have to worry about the police smashing down your door as you check out these pictures.

Posted on Feb 26th
re: Katy Perry Dumped John Mayer (16 comments)

Katy Perry nightmare: John Mayer is going to start dating Russell Brand.

She has an acting career, and until the past year, he wasn’t exactly lighting up the world with his singing career. I’d have to bet that she might be paying him alimony!!

I bet he’s going to wait until Michelle is out of town to watch the tape.