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Maybe all the hot chicks and good looking guys are down below in the sleeping quarters having a wild orgy?? The rest of them get to stand around on the deck playing with their smart phones.

Posted on May 29th
re: So Justin Bieber Probably Banged Adriana Lima (36 comments)

It was probably the most boring 10 seconds of her life.

Well, you know she’s giving the commencement speech at Rutgers in NJ now that Condoleeza Rice was forced to turn down her invitation.

Dating Michael Bay?? My oh my, it’s a real coincidence that so many young hot chicks want to date 50 year old Hollywood directors. I can’t figure out if there’s a reason . . .

Posted on Apr 24th
re: Katherine Webb's Replacing Maria Menounos? BLASPHEMY (11 comments)

Now, it you combined Webb’s upper body with Maria’s lower body . . . Yum.

Posted on Apr 22nd
re: That's Bella Thorne Probably Smoking Weed (15 comments)

Uh, oh, weed and underage girls. Sounds like “Refer Madness 2014″

But then why would guys want to talk to her?

Posted on Apr 14th
re: Katy Perry: Coachella 2014 (11 comments)

If you didn’t tell me it was Katy Perry, I would have thought it was a groupie leaving a tractor pull

Posted on Mar 25th
re: Kristen Bell Bikini Photos: Hawaii (6 comments)

Actually, she’s 33. A personal trainer and a intensive 6 month program could turn that into a prime grade A butt. Prime grade A+ is reserved for of Maria Menounos.

Posted on Mar 24th
re: Jesus Christ, Jessica Simpson's Legs (41 comments)

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure there’s still a Velveeta shortage. Do you want to use up your entire supply in one night??