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Is she at least carrying the umbrella, or is that what the other guy to the left of them is doing??

Posted on Dec 8th
re: Kendall Jenner Getting Spanked By Santa, Anyone? (25 comments)

Is that Terry Richardson in the Santa outfit??

Posted on Dec 8th
re: Taylor Swift Made Out With Karlie Kloss 'Allegedly' (25 comments)

Karlie is probably grooming Taylor.
First, she picks a speck of lint off her dress.
A few days later, she brushes her hair.
Then, a few days later, they get drunk and “accidentally” touch lips.
Then, well, let your imagination run wild.

Posted on Nov 24th
re: Katy Perry Bikini Photos: Sydney (1 comments)

Unlike the other pictures, she seems a bit depressed here. I think she just realized she’s 30 years old, single, and dating a guy named Diplo.

Posted on Nov 18th
re: Bella Thorne In A Bikini (6 comments)

After a week of Kim Kardashian and her greased up mess of a caboose, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Posted on Oct 8th
re: Taylor Swift's Trying To Bang Selena Gomez! (19 comments)

Lesbianism isn’t that much different than dating Justin Beiber.

Posted on Aug 15th
re: Why Is Chelsea Handler Naked? WHY? (39 comments)

I finally figured out the reason that Lena Dunham gets naked so much on that lousy HBO show. She does it so Chelsea Handler can say, “Well, I look better naked than Lena does”

Posted on Aug 15th
re: Lourdes Leon Is Smoking (11 comments)

Cannes is in France. I’m sure it’s legal to smoke weed there.

Maybe all the hot chicks and good looking guys are down below in the sleeping quarters having a wild orgy?? The rest of them get to stand around on the deck playing with their smart phones.

Posted on May 29th
re: So Justin Bieber Probably Banged Adriana Lima (36 comments)

It was probably the most boring 10 seconds of her life.