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Posted on Nov 28th
re: Bertney's Turkey Durkey Day! (19 comments)

Nah… keep these coming, Fish!

Posted on Jul 18th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 7.17.14 (36 comments)

The question isn’t “who still has a camera now a days?”, rather it should be, who takes a picture with a camera and then posts it on instagram? I thought instagram was more of a quick photo taken on your phone and then uploaded. Maybe she has a smartcamera? Idk.

It is like you could rest your drink on her head while she blows you?

My thoughts exactly.

Posted on Jan 21st
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 1.21.14 (32 comments)

sooooo… this is her if she didn’t have her teeth done a few years back? Google “miley cyrus gums” and you’ll see…

Posted on Jan 21st
re: Bertney's Old Berfriend (13 comments)

I love these Bertney stories. So much. Thank you.

Posted on Jan 21st
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 1.21.14 (16 comments)


Posted on Dec 17th, 2013
re: Kim Kardashian Waxed North West's Unibrow (42 comments)


Best part is, Kim K will go on Twitter or whatever and be like “You should all be ashamed! I can’t believe anyone would say I wax North’s eyebrows! What kind of parent would I be?”

And the answer is, the type of parent that fucking puts a photoshopped picture of their infant on Instagram. And doesn’t airbrushing a photo kinda defeat the purpose of Instagram?

I think the point was that someone on a “news” channel is arguing it is a FACT that an obviously FICTIONAL character is white.

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2013
re: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shopping in Miami (7 comments)

Ok this is just grotesque. It looks like an overfilled diaper. Actually if it was an overfilled diaper, it would be less disgusting than having an ass that looks like this. BLEGCH!