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Posted on Dec 1st, 2011
re: JWoww Has A Fragrance (75 comments)

Fragrance? More like odor. Bronzer and dried up cum?

Posted on Nov 10th, 2010
re: 1110-kesha-bikini-03 (4 comments)

I saw these last week when they were posted under the name Courtney Love.

Posted on Sep 27th, 2010
re: Vacation Mode (35 comments)

ever notice that pc users will simply say “my laptop” while mac users always say “my macbook”. I think i’m guilty as well although I’m a self-loathing apple consumer. I would say charge the computer than unplug it to use it. can you swap the battery in it or do you have one of the newer ones? if you can change the battery get an extra charge that as well then you have a back up.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: Taylor Hearts Kanye (49 comments)

She just wants to try and claim that N-Word pass that was revoked from John Mayer. Those are hard to come by these days. Sort of like rent-controlled apartments in Manhattan. You gotta wait till some either dies or calls every black person in the building an N-Word in an international publication. yeah, either one.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: Ha! They Think They're People (45 comments)

simple and to the point. brilliant.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: See? Nobody's Dead (26 comments)

That doesn’t look like the face of a kid that was beaten with a belt. I’m sorry. Looks more like the face of a kid that watched his mom try to hang herself with a belt. Almost the same as how my dog looks when he sees a jar of peanut butter.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: Spencer Pratt: 'My Arrest Brought Heidi and I Back Together' (72 comments)

I think her low self esteem and poor self image might have had more to do with it Spence. Just sayin’.

She’s sometimes very hot and sometimes looks like she should be paddling a gondola on a chocolate river in a bizarre chocolate factory spewing melodic riddles. This is one of those rare in between moments.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: Megan Fox Is Still in Movies? And Other News (59 comments)

Looks like she sent a Real Doll in her place. Not that anyone would notice, or even mind for that matter. As long as that mouth stays open.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2010
re: Owen Wilson is a Great Golf Buddy (60 comments)

judging by the size of that tiny black square I would have thought he would have wanted the cover of a tree or some bushes. Oh well, he must be a grower.