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Fish, I am a 36 yo surgeon and I have been a loyal daily reader of this site for 8 years. I have a kindergardener so this shooting hit me hard. You using this story as an excuse to express your political views makes you no better than all of the politicians who will capitolize on these deaths to sell their views on guns.
We throw the word “unsustainable” around so much these days that it loses its meaning, but the public sector worker salaries and benefits are unsustainable. This is not a judgement about these people. Where I live in California cities are going bankrupt because of their debt burden from overgenerous pension benefits promised by democrats who are bankrolled by public worker unions. Our streets are full of potholes, my kid has 26 classmates and no air conditioning at his public school, but between salary and benefits his teachers are making almost as much as I am. I have been in school and residency until I was in my early thirties, I have 6 figures in school debt, and I work three times these teachers’ hours.
In communist countries such as Cuba citizens stopped becoming doctors and engineers because the the government there punishes those who try to better themselves and advance society. Ergo one cannot get quality healthcare there (Castro came here for his surgery). We already have a doctor shortage, and between the medicare cuts and skyrocketing tax rates that punish the private sector the number of doctors and other professionals in this country will plummet.
Communism was tried, and it didn’t work. In fact, thousands of people died for us to figure that out. We are moving in a dangerous direction as a society.

Posted on Mar 15th, 2011
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