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Posted on Nov 17th
re: The 2014 GOOP Gift Guide Is Quintessential GOOP (34 comments)

when I am old and need a walker I am getting one of these instead

these, ‘cinema sins’ and ‘how it should have ended’ are the best

Posted on Oct 17th
re: John Grisham: 'Child Porn Is Bad, I Am An Idiot' (28 comments)

informative comment, why would anybody downvote this?

in the recent jlaw release there was a pic of nicholas hoult naked with a towel drooping from his waist so half his dick was visible

ugh I might as well post about gamergate while I am at it, though I think the whole thing is idiocy.

The Gamergate shitstorm has only been around for about a month, that bomb threat is from 6 months ago. Gamergate threads are being automatically deleted on 4chan for a week now, ostensibly because of potential raiding or doxxing which are bannable offenses on 4chan but the more likely reason is that shift management I mentioned in my last post. Gamergaters have moved ground to another anon board called 8chan.

Here is a video on the whole shitstorm that doesn’t pick a side on it:

Fish, some guy is probably trolling the media and there aren’t any actual nudes of emma watson out there. She wasn’t on the master list when this whole thing began and every celeb who has had nudes leaked has been on that master list.

Also, “4chan” didn’t hack these celebs. The most likely scenario is that a disparate group of people have been using phishing and hacking techniques to aquire these photos over a long period of time (think ten years or longer) over all kinds of platforms, not just iCloud, and use them as a form of currency to trade amongst each other on the deepweb to build up their collections. What started the fappening is one or more of these guys decided to begin releasing sets from his or their collection/s for money, via donations with bitcoins by making posts on anom message boards under terms like “send me $$$ and you get the full set”. I think the primary message board where these photos are getting released is one called “anonib”, but after they are relased they get posted all over the place and rars/zips are uploaded. After the photos are released on “anonib” they are then posted and discussed on 4chan, which is the biggest anon board out there, with something like 7 million visitors a month, which is also the first place most people learn about the releases on the wider web, so that is why the news media is reporting these leaks as “from 4chan”. Even so,and rather ironically, threads about the fappening are being deleted regularly on 4chan since the first major release because of copyright issues and an internal shift in managment that has been ongoing at 4chan the last few months.

Posted on Aug 11th
re: Robin Williams Committed Suicide (1951 - 2014) (110 comments)

Posted on Jul 18th
re: Uh, Guys, I Don't Think It Was The Russians (67 comments)

From what I’ve been reading about it, commercial airliners cruise at an altitude high enough to be out of range of most weapons except high grade military hardware (such as the high-altitude SAM battery used here) normally in the hands of nation-states, not paramilitary insurgency groups. And these weapons normally are used in conjuction with other high grade tech in a detection net able to differentiate and determine targets for it to fire upon. But, such as this case, a SAM battery can be used by itself without that detection net but it wont know exactly what it is shooting at.

The last three weeks Russia has been escalating the conflict in Eastern Ukraine after the Ukrainian government had made successful inroads into rebel territory. About a week ago, the US State Dept claimed it had evidence of Russia sending heavy ordnance into Ukraine: a few tanks, self-propelled artillery pieces, etc., in support of the rebels. The SAM battery might have been one; or it was captured by the rebels from the Ukrainian military. If it was captured, the Ukrainian rebels are mostly ex-military and the SAM is Soviet era tech so it’s probable atleast one of them would know how to use it. But whoever is calling the shots didn’t think it through about which planes cruise at what altitude and to be cautious about what they were firing at, and they certainly didn’t have the needed infrastructure to determine if it was a military plane or not. They were basically firing blind, which is really reckless.

Russia’s introduction of higher grade weapons (that can reach high altitudes) into Eastern Ukraine is new in the conflict and still only suspected -not confirmed- by the US gov. There hasn’t been an international confirmation of it and as such there wasn’t cause to change flight routes because commercial airliners are normally safe at high altitudes over warzones where asymmetric warfare is taking place. Eastern Ukraine wasn’t the only warzone MA17 was flying over. And evern if it was a conventional warzone with a fully operation detection net, Russia or the rebels acting independently wouldn’t knowingly allow a civilian plane to be attacked, if for nothing else than the inevitable international outcry that would follow. What they did was reckless and stupid and resulted in tragedy.

Posted on Jul 10th
re: You Forgot Tatiana Maslany, You Idiots! (27 comments)


Downton Abbey is ok but it hasn’t been award show worthy since its early seasons but it keeps getting nominated.

Mad Men and Breaking Bad are great but are getting an extra award season in because AMC decided to screw over fans and split their final seasons to milk money out of them is so cheap.

Unlike the first two seasons, AHS: Coven was a shitty mess this year and shouldn’t be nominated.

Boardwalk Empire is completely ignored in all categories.

The Goldbergs for best comedy series is not nominated.

Hannibal for best drama, Mads Mikkelsen for best actor and Hugh Dancy for best supporting actor are not nominated.

The Americans Keri Russell for best actress in a drama series not nominated.