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I think the FBI might want to consider taking a look at John’s hard drive. Just sayin’.

Half of me hopes he does. The other half of me hopes he’s too big of a coward to off himself and ends up choking to death on a big ‘ol dick in prison. (I’m crossing my fingers for some poetic justice.)

EXACTLY, Tim. Until America stops letting criminals get away with just a slap on the wrist, we will continue to have a violence problem for the foreseeable future.

I say go the eye for an eye route. You kill somebody in cold blood, you get executed. The End. Sure would make people think twice about blasting someone away for cutting them off in traffic, wouldn’t it?

Posted on Apr 21st
re: Lindsay Lohan Had A Miscarriage, You Guys (61 comments)

I think I just LOL’d all over my keyboard. Nice work, JC.

Tongue hanging out,
bent over,
exploring herself.
Anyone else notice she’s just a Madonna rip-off?

Time to get a new shtick, Miley. This one’s played out.

I can’t “like” this enough, Frederick. Nice work.

“Backdoor Kate+8″ is humorous to think about (in theory), but would you REALLY want to watch her getting done? Her face is ugly enough as it is; that LAST thing I’d want to see is her sex face.

Wow….Kim really needs to work on her “versatility”.

Posted on Oct 30th, 2013
re: Miley Cyrus Has Porn Pumpkins. Of Course. (29 comments)

I almost feel bad for her… millions of (albeit retarded) fans and yet just absolutely starved for attention.