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He DIDN’T want this to come out publicly?


Posted on Dec 16th
re: Camille Cosby Just Went Full Dottie Sandusky (59 comments)

I accept your challenge!

Um, yeah…. Can you say ‘daddy issues’?

Posted on Dec 12th
re: Beverly Johnson: 'Bill Cosby Drugged Me' (63 comments)

PW, hate to point out the obvious, but Bill Cosby didn’t “write any scientific papers” either…. he played a Dad on tv and hocked pudding pops. Ralph’s point is that Beverly Johnson was rich and famous at the time in her own rite, as well, so she has nothing to positive to gain from lying.

P.S. My condolences to any females in your life; you’re a real prize.

Posted on Dec 11th
re: Bill Cosby Accuser Sues Him For Defamation (21 comments)

A+ for the temporary handle:D

I sure hope there is a hell, solely in hopes that it just went up a few degrees in preparation for Bill’s arrival.

Checkmate, Andrew.

Yes, obviously the woman was a “nut job”, because who wouldn’t want some complete stranger attempting to grab their breast without an invite? It’s what all us chicks dream about!

I’m just going to take a stab in the dark that you’re single.

TTCT (classy handle by the way), obviously you have never read about the backlog of untouched rape kits just sitting in storage units all across the U.S. Rapes happen so frequently that authorities admit they can’t even keep up with following through with the process. Pick up a magazine (not the kind with T&A pics, but with actual words) and educate yourself. You might learn a thing or two.

**Standing ovation**