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I think you mean “why aren’t we tolerant of injustice or inclinations thereof,” and it’s because that would be wrong.

@Kendra – I got as far as “judgment…of his religious beliefs” and had a little chuckle.

Look, I go to church. My church subscribes to the same Bible that Robertson uses as an excuse – and it is an excuse. If I was inciting my neighbors to bring their unruly children to a council of elders to decide whether the kids should be stoned, would people excuse me because blah blah my religion? Of course not, because I would hope we can all agree that the whole passage about having control over the lives of our children when they’re bad is a bunch of horse manure.

Similarly, people like Robertson are inciting people to move against homosexuals, to “realize” that their “choice” to be gay is supposedly an abomination against the Lord, and yet we’re supposed to look the other way? No.