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Posted on Oct 19th, 2011
re: Joe Manganiello Is On Your Tail, Skarsgard (57 comments)

He’s on HBOs Vampire and Werewolf show.
That would explain why I have never heard of him, I’m not a 17 year old girl.

Posted on Oct 14th, 2011
re: Sara Leal Has Morals, You Guys (128 comments)

Bitch has one fucked up nose!

Posted on Sep 23rd, 2011
re: Courtney Stodden On Her Honeymoon: 'I Had a 24-Hour Lady Boner' (70 comments)

Really… A lady boner for a gay guy?
Damn, she’ll squirt all over herself once he takes her shoe shopping!

Posted on Sep 20th, 2011
re: Poppy Montgomery Can Cook Without Pants On, Too (52 comments)

I can imagine that there are several more things that she can manage with no pants on. I’d work up a nut to find out!

This square-jawed broad creates nauseousness in my tummy.
Let me take some Pepto and try to figure out why people think she’s attractive.

Posted on Sep 6th, 2011
re: Being Tara Reid's Husband Looks Magical (36 comments)

She looks a lot like my grandma in her later years…
When she was fueled by Jim Beam and Benson & Hedges.

Posted on Sep 6th, 2011
re: 0905-scarlett-johansson-the-avengers-nyc-31 (9 comments)


Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011
re: Lindsay Lohan Hates Mena Suvari Now (98 comments)

Now that is some funny shit!

Posted on Aug 29th, 2011
re: You'll Believe A Woman-Beater Can Fly (48 comments)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Urkel in a fine-ass white suit!

Posted on Aug 25th, 2011
re: Jersey Shore's Deena Banged A Chick (92 comments)

All that you need to know is that the room smelled of kippered herring and cheese…