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Posted on Jun 20th, 2012
re: Oh, Give Me A F*#&ing Break, Alec Baldwin (44 comments)

It’s true, there is a curiosity with the photos, that creates demand and enables paps to make a living. However, paps can sometimes be very aggressive, and make people feel unsafe, and that they may need to defend themselves. It true that the complaints are sometimes unwarranted, and let’s be honest – some celebs use the paps to help their careers as much as the paps use them…but when the paps get so hungry for a shot that they lose control and become so aggressive that it makes those around them feel afraid for their safety, then that’s not cool. I’ve been at The Grove, when a bunch of them swarmed past to get photos of someone, and it was weird – and a little frightening, frankly. They just pushed past people, and were so focused on their goal that they had no regard for anyone, and someone could have gotten hurt…..