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But then how could you pontificate on snarky celebrity gossip sites if you don’t spend half your day researching horseshit factoids no one but you gives 2 shits about?

hey, just because I bitch about almost everything, doesn’t mean I bitch about everything. I would like to continue in my delusion that I at least have enough sense not to defend backdoor teen squirting mom.

And thanks to sites like this one, even Mandee’s cashiers have an outlet for their thoughts on the important social issues of the day!

Posted on Jan 14th
re: Good Morning, Julia Pereira, And Other News (7 comments)

Telephone banana cheeseburger!

Posted on Jan 14th
re: Justin Bieber's House Just Got Raided By The Cops (43 comments)

Yeah, nobody’s f’ing with Brad Pitt’s house, because they know damn well Angelina would beat their ass mercilessly.

You really are a special kind of asshole, Tom.
Unlike you, I was busy doing some work, which I unfortunately have to attend to at least some of the time I’m in the office.
Is there some reason you would object to me (or anyone) expecting that when a story is posted that inextricably involves the word ‘nigger’, that adults could actually spell out the word without fearing the boogie man will be summoned?
And as far as this being ‘someone else’s website’ – yes, this site along with many others is owned by Spin media. For anyone wondering why there’s such a plethora of stories posted here about such useless fools as the Kardashian’s and Kendra Wilkinson, Spin Media also operates the official websites for Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian, as well as Kendra Wilkinson. So, there’s your answer to that.

and still, you neglect to address the point at all – was the number of Sean Penn’s guns being 2 or 65 relevant to the point that if you have $1.4 million to spend to alleviate the problem of gun violence it would have been put to better use funding an inner city gun buyback instead? Do you disagree with my premise that the money could have been put to better use? Your smarmy replies illustrate perfectly your inability to discuss anything rationally.

So you think the issue of whether Sean Penn had 2 or 65 or 200 of his guns was central to my point that this did nothing whatsoever to help end the problem of gun violence n any meaningful way, as opposed to say spending the same amount of money to take 14,000 illegal firearms off the street by way of a gun buyback program? Yeah, your response is just like a crowd of morons who’ll all screech out ‘ooooh, he got you’ because they managed to find some nitpicky nonsensical error that has nothing at all to do with the point of the discussion. It really is hilarious to me to see how you dopes all trip over each other to congratulate yourselves for being right about some meaningless side issue without ever reaching the central point at all. Because that’s what adults do when discussing important social issues – they do backflips to point out meaningless side issues they can claim to be right about, and completely ignore the actual central point of discussion. But yeah, ‘I’m a goddamn idiot’ for saying that if there’s $1.4 million to spend on doing something meaningful about gun violence, better to take 14,000 illegal guns off the street than to engage in a fart sniffing exercise of using it instead to buy a couple legally owned guns off Sean Penn. Somehow, I missed that the central issue in this was whether Sean Penn had 2 or 65 legally owned guns – of course that was the central point, and crucial to the entire analysis. Spare me your asinine lectures, as far as ‘what adults do’ when discussing issues, since your entire analysis is always (a) spout off whatever the official democrat party line is and (b) call everyone who expresses a different opinion names like a child would do. Maybe you should go back to grade school and learn reading comprehension, since you don’t seem capable of reading anything other than for the purposes of seeking out some stray meaningless factoid that has nothing to do with anything anyway, then fixating on that as if it makes you right about the central point.
Now tell me how “I was proven wrong” that spending $1.4 million taking Sean Penn’s guns off the streets was a better use of that money than taking 14,000 illegal guns off the street, because I was mistaken that Sean Penn had 2 guns and not 65?
Fish, you really are just an ill informed, childish asshole.

Posted on Jan 13th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 1.10.14 (12 comments)

It’s from ‘Everybody hates Chris’, a show produced, written, directed and starring almost exclusively African Americans. Including Terry Crews. Dumbfuck. Now go tell Chris Rock he’s a racist.

Posted on Jan 13th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 1.13.14 (8 comments)

Is that sunscreen or fix-a-flat?