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Posted on Nov 7th
re: Jessa Duggar Wasn't Fucking In A Church (33 comments)

Somebody get this writer a drink and a playboy mag, post haste.

Ppppfffftttt! Classic misdirection. We all know your name is David and you like big breasts. Also, you’d trade Kim K. for Hillary Duff faster than Geekologie guy would make out with a dinosaur.

Posted on May 9th
re: Justin Bieber Responds To Seth Rogen (30 comments)

*golf clap and slowly stand up* Clearly that vacation paid off! Well done, sir. Well done.

Posted on Feb 6th
re: Justin #Bbare Hotboxed A Private Jet, Dem Panties (33 comments)

Every one of these I read in the voice of Jesse Pinkman.

Someone give Superfish a drink, I imagine he needs it after writing that in the style of…I don’t even know what that is called, but man…man…*slow golf clap*

Posted on Jan 14th
re: Justin Bieber's House Just Got Raided By The Cops (43 comments)

I have ten dollars on dead hookers.

Posted on Jan 13th
re: Emma Watson: 71st Annual Golden Globes (10 comments)

Does this dress make my butt look big?