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It’s not like that quiet yet, Carly. I would not see a movie JUST because Upton or some other young sexy girl is in it. I like Mann for George of the Jungle, for example, and would see a movie ’cause she’s in it. I honestly can’t stand Judd Apatow’s humor……. makes me wanna punch things…. I miss her older works.
A pretty girl makes for good cinematography if casted well. Like Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month, or Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It. Just ’cause a girl’s got a nice rack and tan body isn’t enough to bring guys like myself to see a movie. A porno… maybe, a movie, no :D.

I’m a perv like any other guy, but I disagree wich you…. boobs don’t stand out to me personally as much as legs and hair, for ex. Cameron has the MILF thing going for her. And I don’t get ppl’s fascination with Upton at all…… I prefer Brooklyn Decker as potential “hottest girl in Hollywood” but… Upton is beautiful, no doubt.